Analog for the Digital World

In a world where everything, including marketing, is becoming increasingly “digital,” marketing your small business or organization in unique ways that don’t involve social media, blogging, or online display can be refreshing. We love technology, but nothing can fully replace the charm of “analog.” So if you are seeking some tips for marketing your business offline, you’re in luck because we’ve put together a list of 25 offline marketing tips that are sure to inform and inspire.

Despite all the advantages technology lends to advertising, most companies still utilize both digital and traditional marketing strategies. After all, there’s nothing saying you have to choose one over the other! Keep your website, but consider implementing some of these offline marketing tips.

25 offline marketing tips include:

  1. Business cards
  2. Print ads
  3. Give your print materials a twist
  4. Speak at events
  5. Present at a tradeshow
  6. Attend conferences
  7. Team up
  8. Submit entries for awards
  9. Establish relationships with printed media
  10. Popup spaces
  11. Chalk art
  12. Make cold calls
  13. Celebrate success
  14. Celebrate holidays and birthdays
  15. Send mail
  16. Target discounts
  17. Group discounts
  18. Donate gift certificates or products
  19. Sponsor an event
  20. Provide non-financial benefits to the community
  21. Free consultations
  22. Customer referral cards
  23. Offer prizes
  24. Update your branding
  25. Go for the unconventional

Your Offline Marketing Tip Guide

  1. Business cards

Cost effective and easy to make. They are still one of the best ways to get your name and brand out into the community. There’s no reason not to have them!

  1. Print ads

Traditional but still highly effective, especially when targeting the Baby Boomer demographic.

  1. Give your print materials a twist

Pamphlets and brochures are great, but why not get inventive? Is there a way to make your printed material special? Have fun or make something beautiful so the customer is more likely to hold onto it. Thicker paper stock can help with this.

What if your catalog had a popup? Just don’t get so crazy that it becomes impractical for the consumer to hang onto your materials, and print can prove expensive, so you want to be sure the desired ROI is attainable.

Also, throw in some stickers – these can include your branding. When someone buys from you, add a little something extra. It will give customers a positive view of your company, they’ll likely become repeat customers, and the stickers or branded items will help you advertise.

  1. Speak at events

This will establish you as an authority in your industry and help you build connections. If you’re at the beginning of your career and not ready to take that leap, look to attend industry events. You can still network, which can be invaluable. Then offer to speak at events when you feel comfortable.

  1. Present at a trade show

It’s a great opportunity to reach new customers and raise awareness of your business. You will be able to see your competition and take note of their business strategies. Plus it’s an opportunity to network with others in your industry. 

  1. Attend conferences

Become an authority in your field and network with your peers.

  1. Team up

Find another business to collaborate with on a project. You can expose your company to their clients and vice versa. 

  1. Submit entries for awards

If you win an award, it creates publicity and it’s something you can tout in your advertising. It’s also nice to be recognized by peers.

  1. Establish relationships with printed media

If your business reached a milestone, is involved in a community program, or is doing something related to a current event, reach out to newspaper and magazine editors. Write a compelling press release and call reporters to follow up.

If they choose to write a story about it: Great, free publicity. If not, be cordial and try again when you have another story idea. Also, let reporters know you would be happy to be interviewed to answer questions about your industry should the need arise. Your business might not be the headline, but you could be cited as an expert providing useful information to a related story.

  1. Popup spaces

Create a buzz by selling at a popup shop; this creates an urgency in a potential buyer.

  1. Chalk art

A creative and fun way to introduce your brand to potential customers. Just make sure you ask the city’s permission. 

  1. Make cold calls

It’s not the most comfortable thing to do, but by making calls to potential clients they might … well, become actual clients! Or, you might not gain a customer right away, but if you’re pleasant, show you’ve researched their company, and are considerate of their time, you could be the first company that comes to mind when they need your services.

  1. Celebrate success

If your business is doing well, celebrate it! Your employees will appreciate it and it’s an opportunity to notify the press.

  1. Celebrate the holidays and birthdays

Everyone loves a holiday card or a discount on their special day. Another option is to donate to charity on behalf of your clients.

  1. Send mail

That’s right, not e-mail. Email is great, but many people respond better to snail mail. Physical mail feels more personalized to the customer.

  1. Target discounts for a specific demographic

This makes the potential customer feel special and lucky to get the discount. It also communicates that your company wants that demographic as customers. If you know you’re having a difficult time reaching certain demographics, this is a great way to pull them in.

Maybe you’re a venue that sponsors opera events and want to get more young people to attend. If you offer a discount to students it could signal to them that this is a place where they would fit in. Even if it’s not a huge discount, students and seniors appreciate discounts.

  1. Group discounts bring people in

If you offer discounts to larger groups it can get people to recruit their friends to become customers too. Whether it’s pitching in to buy peanut butter in bulk at the local co-op or going on a group tour at a museum, group discounts can encourage word-of-mouth advertising.

  1. Donate gift certificates or products

It builds good will in the community, raises your visibility, and people will sample your products and might even tell their friends about you.

  1. Sponsor an event

Get involved in the community by sponsoring an event, such as a local race for charity. Partner with a nonprofit. You’ll have an audience to distribute branded merchandise to, your name will be promoted, you’ll create a positive image in the community, and you’ll do some good along the way!

  1. Provide non-financial benefits to the community

For example, offer nonprofits and organizations office space for their meetings. They’ll tell people where they meet, giving a positive impression of your business.

  1. Free consultations

The potential customer may figure they have nothing to lose and become your regular customer.

  1. Customer referral cards

If a customer brings in a friend they each get a discount – and you get a new customer.

  1. Offer prizes

Organize a drawing where customers and potential customers provide you with their name and email in order to enter. Offer smaller prizes in addition to a big prize. More people will enter because their chances of winning will go up.

Plus there will be more people with branded merchandise and more people providing word-of-mouth advertising when they share what they won from you. Just make sure you don’t bombard people with emails once you get their addresses. Inform but don’t annoy.

  1. Update your branding

This doesn’t mean changing your logo necessarily. However, it’s a good idea to periodically re-evaluate how you present your business and package your goods and services. Ask yourself if your presentation is sending the right message. It’s hard to sell your products or services as state of the art if your branding looks outdated.

  1. Go for the unconventional

Don’t be afraid to think beyond TV and print media. What could you do to capture the public’s imagination? If you are creative, guerrilla marketing can differentiate you from the competition, connect you with potential customers, and leave a good impression.

Come up with projects that are fun and uplifting – chalk art is one example, or a flash mob that introduces your brand. Don’t do anything illegal. The last thing you want is to get arrested. Bottom line: Make it non-traditional, unexpected, and memorable.

Bridge the Analog to the Digital

  • Use whichever offline marketing tips work for you. Don’t abandon your online marketing strategy, but augment it with some of these ideas. When marketing your small business the bottom line is to get creative and pursue what you think will connect with customers.
  • Ask yourself: Which offline marketing tips could best benefit your business? What would your customers be attracted to?

Take Action

Are you ready to put these tips for marketing your business offline into action?

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