The Season is for Traveling!

That time of the year is upon us, everyone! The time when the sun is shining and people are active and ready to explore new travel destinations. Resort and gift shops benefit tremendously during the spring and summer traveling season because the products they offer allow vacationers to take a little piece of their travels home with them. To have a successful tourist season, resort and gift shops must capitalize on visitors’ tendency to indulge more during their stay, in the hope of making their experience magical and unforgettable. There are 3 must-haves for your resort and gift shop that are sure to promote such indulgence.

  • Personalized Items
  • Apparel
  • Candles

Help Them Make Memories!

Everyone has friends or relatives who never fail to remind them to bring back souvenirs from their vacation travels.  These souvenirs act as a sentimental offering that shows friends and loved ones they were thought of. Souvenirs are precious items that help people preserve memories of their stay or travels that mean the most to them, so that they may in-turn share those memories with others. Your resort and gift shop should always have something special in-store that represents your establishment’s brand, the region, the city or town, or a particular local landmark of interest. These items help visitors identify with their stay and make lasting memories. The takeaway for you is that these items help to promote your brand!

Think of your resort or gift shop as a treasure chest!  Tourists come to your locale during the travel season in search of a getaway; they also often search for special items that help them tell the story of where they’ve been. National and international tourists alike love finding symbols of their enjoyable experiences that they can share with others, and these items can encourage those who they share their story with to come and visit as well. However, finding the right gift items to have in-stock can be difficult with a variety of so many different items to choose from.

T.R. McTaggart has the industry knowledge and experience to supply your resort and gift shop with exactly what it needs to appeal to customers looking for unique personalized gifts to share with their families and loved ones. Allow us to help you build a reputation for your business and inspire customers to return again and again by stocking the 3 must-haves for your resort and gift shop.

Personalized Items

When choosing a souvenir for ourselves or for others, personality and individuality are two factors we take into consideration. Typically, travelers from all across the globe come to resort and gift shops in search of special keepsakes that scream “This is so me!” Some people may react to items that specifically feature theirs or a loved ones’ name, while others may react to branding that reflects their personality or passion, such as sail boat for a nautical enthusiast. Understanding who your core customers are and what their passions may be is paramount to stocking personalized items that will inspire visitors to purchase. When it comes to buying souvenirs, people tend to seek out personalized items because of how they connect a person to a place. This is why personalized items are a must-have for your resort and gift shop.

T.R. McTaggart can help you identify your core customer and what products they are apt to quickly grab off of your racks and shelves. We offer a wide variety of personalized items for your resort and gift shop that prove to be top sellers season after season, including:

  • T-shirts
  • Hats
  • Mugs
  • Shot glasses
  • Key chains
  • Totes
  • Towels
  • And More!

We help you find the perfect gifts to satisfy a variety of different tastes and styles for your visitors.


Apparel items are easily the best selling items for resort and gift shops. Who doesn’t like a t-shirt or hat that can be worn as a reminder of a fabulous vacation? Apparel items also serve as great souvenirs and gifts to present to friends and loved ones, commemorating their travels. Rather than being reminded of their vacation from a trinket on their mantel, people love to sport custom designed apparel that reminds them of how much they enjoyed their stay no matter where they are. The key benefit to your resort and gift shop is the exposure given to your brand by the wearer.

T.R. McTaggart provides a variety of custom apparel items to keep your resort and gift shop stocked and ready for pique vacation season – never miss an opportunity for a sale during this vital time. We also feature an in-house graphic design department that allows us to apply your designs or our custom design creations to all of the apparel we supply. Apparel items are THE must-have for any resort and gift shop because of their appeal to shoppers of all demographics, and their ability to promote your brand and bring attention (and potential customers) to your business.

  • T-shirts
  • Sweatshirts
  • Hoodies
  • Hats
  • Jackets
  • Scarves


Candles are a very popular souvenir or gift choice – and for a good reason. What better way for visitors to bring home a piece of their vacation than with a unique fragrance that reminds them of their stay? Candles are symbols of relaxation and serenity, and they make great gifts for anyone on a vacationer’s gift list. Candles allow people to just close their eyes, inhale, and enjoy the lingering scent of their vacation long after it’s over.

Tourists love them, and T.R. McTaggart, through our partnership with Kristin & Company, has a wide variety of candle styles and scents to choose from. We work closely with resort and gift shops across the nation to provide styles and scents that are sure to appeal to your customers. We can help you make your customers’ vacation an experience they’re sure to remember. With such versatility in terms of gift and novelty appeal, a healthy stock of candles is a must-have for resort and gift shops no matter the season.

Give Your Visitors What They Want!

T.R. McTaggart has been a trusted and reputable resort and gift shop supplier for nearly four decades. Our exclusivity, expertise, and extensive industry knowledge gives us a distinct advantage over our competitors. Our team of design specialists takes pride in helping you transform your resort and gift shop into the perfect tourist attractions that not only sells quality products, but plays a vital role in providing memories that last a lifetime.

For more information regarding our exclusive products and services for your resort and gift shop needs, contact us at (800) 433-0983 to speak to a customer service specialist about how T.R. McTaggart can provide solutions to help you give your visitors what they want!