For all you outdoor junkies, this is the tee for you! We are talking about our poly side block tee to be exact. Poly tees are making a comeback for a reason – well a handful:

  1. Polyester is durable and customers who spend a lot of their time outdoors, from hiking to hunting, want a reliable shirt to hold up in all environments.
  2. Polyester tees don’t really shrink! This is great selling point for customers because let’s face it – no one has time for air drying laundry!
  3. Poly garments contain UPF – they provide protection from the sun. No need to set those reminders to reapply, let the shirt do it for you!

Not sold just yet? Well, we have a special offer going on right now for these tees! Check it out here: 6281 Sell Sheet

Don’t think too long – we have limited inventory and summer days are right around the corner! Contact your sales rep today to get these added to your next order.

Yours in memory making,