You SHOULD(n’t) have!

We all like to feel appreciated and there’s no better way to turn customers into repeat customers than by saying, “Thank you.” Without “them” there would be no “you.” (It also doesn’t hurt to provide good products and services!) We’ve put together some customer appreciation ideas, including a guide for giving great gifts for valued customers.

We know you’re busy, so we’ve included customer appreciation ideas that don’t take too much time to execute, but go a long way in expressing gratitude.

You appreciate your customers, but showing your appreciation is also good for your bottom line. Brand loyalty is important because if buyers have “perceived indifference” to a company, 68% of those customers will switch brands. A Gallup poll shows B2B companies with higher customer engagement have 50% more sales and are 34% more profitable.

I [Heart] You

Back in the “good ol’ days” when most people shopped at locally-owned brick-and-mortar stores where the shop owners were their neighbors, loyalty seemed second nature. Now business owners need to work harder to establish a special connection with customers. With online customers and increased competition, you want to retain as many customers as you can.

For the service industry, customer appreciation is even more important since it emphasizes relationships. Quality customer interaction is key.

A gift with spill-off benefits

Also consider giving gifts that serve the dual purpose of advertising your brand. For example, print custom logo T-shirts that are soft and stylish. Your customers will love them and you’ll get your name out there at the same time.

What’s the right time to give customers a gift?


Select a random day, week, or month dedicated to customer appreciation. Advertise that you love your customers. Tell them ‘Thank You!’

At the holidays

Send a card on a holiday and holidays related to your business if they exist. Someone probably had to lobby congress to get that obscure holiday related to your industry, so take advantage of your good fortune if you happen to have a day dedicated to your product. Your card is also more likely to get noticed as people get more cards during the holidays from November through January.

If you don’t have an obscure holiday celebrating you, don’t worry. You can still celebrate Groundhog Day or other holidays that are mail-lite. Or, you can find a clever way to relate your business to the holiday. In October, celebrate Name Your Car Day, Physician Assistant Day, National Pumpkin Cheesecake Day, or Mother-in-Law Day. Great for selling cars and cake! If you’re not a baker, give cake to customers as a gift.

What if I’m on a budget?

We’ve included customer appreciation ideas that are inexpensive as well. Presents to customers and clients don’t need to be expensive. Less expensive gifts can also be a good idea because they seem more genuine rather than a calculated transaction to try to manipulate them.

Customer appreciation month is January. But anytime is a good time for saying ‘thank you.’ The holidays, birthdays, anniversaries, or a day just because. Consider sending flowers, a plant, or a small gift.

50 customer appreciation ideas for valued customers

These customer appreciation ideas are sure to bring a smile to your client’s face.

  1. Congratulate customers for special events in their lives, such as having a baby or a child’s graduation.
  2. Send a holiday card. Make sure it’s general or you know their specific faith.
  3. Give gift cards.
  4. Subscription gifts are great because you make the purchase once and each month someone else does it for you and your customer gets a positive feeling about your business.
  5. If your business partners with other businesses, why not partner to give branded swag to your customers of your business and your business partners’?
  6. Have a prize drawing for a vacation or other prizes big and small.
  7. Gift concert tickets.
  8. Organize a customer-appreciation event. Bowling, dancing, food … who wouldn’t feel appreciated?
  9. Throw a rooftop party at your office – especially if you have a great view!
  10. Host a picnic in the park.
  11. Gift baseball or football tickets.
  12. Rent a boat and host an event.
  13. Paper coupons.
  14. Digital coupons.
  15. Cover a customer’s bill every now and then.
  16. Donate a percentage of your profits to a good cause. People like doing business with ethical companies.
  17. Send a “Happy Birthday” email and offer a discount or a small free gift. Make it valid for the week so they have time to act but no so much time that they forget or don’t feel an urgency to act.
  18. Give a book directly or loosely related to your industry.
  19. Give a post-transaction gift related to what the customer purchased.
  20. Offer free samples.
  21. Provide free upgrades to customers. They’ll feel appreciated and won’t be mad if they bought your product the day before the launch of the new one.
  22. A surprise. The element of surprise is great. Even people who hate surprise birthday parties love spontaneous gifts. The surprise could be a gift card, flowers, or anything you think they would appreciate.
  23. Sponsor local causes.
  24. Make special products just for your most loyal customers. For example, if you make wine, produce a limited small-run edition.
  25. Place a bowl of candy at the front desk. It shows good hospitality.
  26. Give away candy. You will be popular.
  27. Send cookies or donuts (basically anything sweet!).
  28. Teach customers a new skill. If you own a cooking supplies store, why not host a chef each month to teach customers a new recipe? It offers you a way to connect and people might purchase something while they’re there. It also gives customers a good feeling when they think about your store and makes them more likely to give you their business.
  29. Throw a party anywhere. Why not?
  30. Take $50 off your customer’s bill at the point of sale or retroactively if online, just to say thanks.
  31. Offer a photo booth at company events. It’s become a novelty and a fun one.
  32. Fun office supplies.
  33. Monogrammed notebooks. It’s personalized and classy.
  34. Themed coloring books. Not just for kids anymore!
  35. Free stickers. Who doesn’t love stickers? Put your logo in small print at the bottom of each sticker and they promote your business too.
  36. Donate to a charity in honor of a specific customer.
  37. Give customers an unexpected discount at the checkout.
  38. Free car wash.
  39. Feature customers’ pictures with short bios in-store.
  40. Host a before- or after-hours sale.
  41. Offer beverages such as water, coffee, or tea at your store.
  42. Take a customer out for dinner.
  43. Take a customer out for coffee.
  44. Take a customer out for drinks.
  45. Make a thank you video with the staff for email marketing.
  46. Handwritten notes stand out when people are used to receiving communication through email.
  47. Handwritten thank-you card. Can you remember the last time you received a handwritten thank-you card? Depending on the context, pass the card around and have staff sign too.
  48. Handwritten letters. (See a pattern?) They’re time consuming, but consider doing one a day or doing a marathon – whatever will give you a feeling of accomplishment.
  49. Write a note (digital or handwritten). Be specific and personal.
  50. People LOVE free things and it advertises your business at the same time.

T.R. McTaggart provides gifts your customers will surely love!

For decades, T.R. McTaggart’s expertise in providing quality and affordable customer appreciation items has helped our customers treat their clients right. Contact T.R. McTaggart  for all of your promotional item needs. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff looks forward to preparing your gifts. We take pride in creating great gifts for valued customers!

Customer appreciation ideas

Here are some swag items that are always a hit!

  • Mugs
  • Tumblers
  • Umbrellas
  • Tote bags
  • Keychains
  • Water bottles
  • Pens
  • Coasters
  • Stress balls
  • Mouse pads
  • T-shirts
  • Hats
  • And more!

Gift categories

At T.R. McTaggart, we offer a lot of choices in terms of great gifts for valued customers. If you can think of it, we can probably supply it! Take a look at these product categories.

Be authentic

The bottom-line best approach for customer appreciation ideas: be genuine. No one likes it when someone feigns interest in baby pictures, doesn’t listen or seem distracted during a conversation, and then hands you their business card. Make real connections with people. People appreciate authenticity, and it’s fun getting to know customers!

Contact us

T.R. McTaggart provides custom branded items that make perfect gifts!

Still not sure what would be the best gift? Contact us to talk to our staff about customer appreciation ideas. We are happy to help you brainstorm what would be most appropriate for your business, clients, and budget.

For your convenience

Swamped by all the other aspects of your business? We hear you! Talk to us about set up a convenient online store to make purchasing customer appreciation gifts quick and easy. No need to deal with money or merchandise! We do it all for you.

Plus, if you’re not sure which customer appreciation ideas would be the biggest hit with your customers, this is a safe way to avoid purchasing too much or too little of an item. Some customers always use our online store option. It can also be used as a testing ground to see what your clientele respond to. Then, next year you’ll know what customers like so you can purchase gifts to hand out in person. It’s all up to you!