The Surprise & Delights Of A Forward Convenience Store

Hey there,

We wanted to tell you about some good friends of ours over at Forward Convenience Stores. They’ve been around for 95 years in central to Northern Michigan and are known as THE stop when people are heading up north to the woods and water.

In addition to all the Snickers bars and Mountain Dews and Natty Lites they offer, they also sell a lot of apparel and souvenirs to travelers. And I bet you’d never guess who they buy it from…Spoiler alert: it’s us.

But we just wanted to share a few tips and tricks from their merchandising manager, Kelly Hughes, on some things she does to help create a great shopping experience for their customers:

  • Less is more – Variety is great, but people can become overwhelmed by it. Since space is at a premium, you’re better off picking a few of your favorite things and displaying them in a way that make them really stand out than packing as much stuff in as you can.
  • Get creative – merchandising is all about having fun and thinking outside the box. Do people fish a lot near you? Work in a tackle box and pole around your favorite fishing t-shirt design. Get a lot of campers in your store? Work in some old gear in your display to catch their attention!
  • Pair it up – The only thing better than a customer who buys something is a customer who buys two somethings. Find themed items and merchandise them together. Just like that you can sell a hat, shirt, postcard, and mug in one fell swoop.

We want to thank Kelly for providing these great tips and hope it gave you some ideas on what you can do in your store. And the next time you’re in Michigan, be sure to stop by a Forward Convenience Store and be one of those people who buys two somethings.

What Burns Slow But Sells Fast?

Candles! That’s it, that’s all you need to know.

Kidding! But we really do need to tell you about our seasonal candle collection. Your customers LOVE candles and you’ll get three scents per season –four seasons – of seasonally-themed awesomeness. Plus, Christmas is right around the corner and who doesn’t love receiving candles as a present?

Anyways, why not lock in a year’s worth now so you don’t have to worry about it later? If you order by Nov 23 we can have them shipped out to you and on your shelves before the snow flies. Unless you live in the U.P., in which case it’s probably been snowing since late August.

Did we mention that you don’t have to buy and store everything at once? If you go with the seasonal fragrances, we’ll hold on to them for you and just ship them out and charge you as the season gets close. That way you’ll have more time to yell “Hello spring!” out of your “Open Windows” while “Drinking too much wine right after work.”

Ok, that last one isn’t a seasonal scent. At least not for this year.

Anyhoo, email us if you like us to send you more information!

Yours in memory making,

One Design Turned Into Seven


Just wanted to drop you a line and show you a design we just released. We call it design #27696, but you can call it Diamond Crisp!

Clean and simple, you’ve got your destination and then seven icon options to choose from that take you from the woods to the water to the campground.

Oh, and there’s a bear. Never forget the bear.

This iconic design really pops on pastels and we recommend bringing in four colors with a different icon on each. This gives your customers some options, but also allows for a family of four to get one of each to look iconic themselves in those photos they’re posting to Facebook of their trip.

Give us a jingle and let us know how many you’d like.

Yours in memory making,




We thought maybe you’d like to add a little somethin’ somethin’ to your sweatshirt game this season with our new lined hoodie collection.

“Oh, that’s cool!” is what you’ll hear when your customers see the state of Michigan imprinted inside the hood. The Great Lakes State option comes in two colors – gray and and navy – and will sell quick because it’s soft, and it’s warm. Pick one of our great Michigan-themed designs to go on it and it looks sweet, too. We think these two designs look best, but you can also go the name-drop route if you’re looking for a branded option.

For those unfortunate enough to not call the Mitten State home (sorry, we’re a bit biased), we also have an anchor version that would look great on the shelf of some of our more nautical friends. Check out design 26660 with gray or 26661 with blue. Again, you can add whatever design you want, we just thought we’d make it easy on you.

We have limited inventory so be sure to reach out to your rep and let them know how many you’d like!

Yours in memory making,

Be BOLD With Plaid

It’s Thursday morning, things are looking a little dull – it’s time to add a little POP of color in your life!

Everyone loves a good buffalo plaid pattern. It’s bold and it’s timeless. Our Plaid Works collection is filled with that classic buffalo plaid pattern of red and black. We know red isn’t everyone’s color, so we dropped a black buffalo plaid design in there too (design #27185). The collection has THE coolest up north themed designs in it too. A bear, a campfire, a moose – SURPRISE we even dropped a mitten hand in one of the designs!

All your LumberJack friends will be asking, “Where’d ya get that git up?”.

Be sure to contact your sales rep to place an order!

Making Designs Come To Life – The McTaggart Way

Sometimes a design is created and you just know the PERFECT garment for it! Check out this ‘Peace Love Mackinac Bridge’ embroidery design on our Women’s Glitter French Terry Full-Zip Hoodie in Oxford/Maui Blue. A dynamic color with just enough sparkle to catch the eye!


We have skilled in-house artists available at any time to create custom artwork tailored to your specific needs. We love to take your ideas and make them come to life!

NEW! – Designs Your Customers Will Love!


We are very excited to debut our current design catalog and send it into the wild for you all to see! By now you know that we’re constantly rolling out new designs – and watching how those designs are selling through you.


We’ve collected all the designs we released through the end of August into one convenient spot so you can browse them all. Check them out here: T.R. McTaggart Design Catalog


What do we love? The buffalo plaid designs (pages 3 & 4)  are selling through incredibly well, Retro Stars & Stripes (page 6) has been very well-received and the Rough Jones Arch collection (page 20) looks awesome on t-shirts. Need a kid-friendly design too? Check out JP’s Gone North on page 22 – it looks cute-but-not-cutesy on a long sleeve youth tee.


Best part? With designs being released constantly there’s always something new to see when you meet with your T.R. McTaggart Rep!

Ready, Set, Adventure!

Vibrant and fun… the best of Summer has arrived!

Featuring four different designs, the Lines of Adventure Collection utilizes line art to inspire those seeking pure Summertime excitement. Each design can be placed on the garment of your liking! Whether you’re looking for long sleeve or sleeveless tops, or anything in between, we’ve got you covered.

Contact your sales representative or email [email protected] with questions.