Take your corporate event to the next level with a theme

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Tired of the same ol’ annual company event?  A theme is a way to take corporate event instantly from drab to fab.  But there are some important points to take into account to make it successful.

First, consider executives’ tastes and sensibilities.  Will they like a theme?  More importantly, will they like your theme?  When in doubt, consult your manager.  He or she might serve as a great sounding board for your ideas.  Even if you get the go ahead for the theme you have in mind, don’t get ahead of yourself.  You need to be mindful of a budget.  Themed parties can be expensive.  You might have to cut some corners for the sake of keeping with the theme.  Similarly, ask yourself what message you want the event to send.  Is it supposed to be a fun mixer-type event, a team-building occasion, or something entirely different?  The theme should be appropriate for the type of event.

Theme or not, remember that we can help you take care of the promotional side of events.  Businesses have leaned on us for years for their branding needs.  We’re knowledgeable, timely, and best of all we’re just a phone call away:  (800) 433-0983.

Behold the power of images

Power of Images Photo

The old adage is true: A picture is worth a thousand words. This saying is relevant to the business world and marketing, specifically.

Consumers and prospects are more likely to engage with brands if and when they employ rich imagery. That’s true for printed content as well as for digital collateral. A savvy event planner should combine both for maximum impact.

Check out this infographic that demonstrates the power of visual marketing. Now consider how you can boost your trade show or event marketing with compelling imagery.

Here’s another consideration: One stunning image will often leave a memorable message in the mind of a consumer. In fact, less is more in this case. Visual clutter should be avoided and can actually work against you. It can be hard to do that at an exhibition event.

That’s all the more reason to design your trade show marketing graphics so they speak loudly with minimal text. Anyone can write  a lot of text about why someone should buy their product. In this case, you should show, not tell. A stunning digitally printed reproduction loads a ton of advertising value into one stellar image. Keep that in mind at your next marketing event. Also, know that we’re here to help with all your promotional product needs!

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