T.R. McTaggart history

The History of T.R. McTaggart: Highlighting Our Past and Looking to Our Future

It’s Our 50th Anniversary!

At T.R. McTaggart we are celebrating our 50th anniversary in September. That’s right. 50 years of T.R. McTaggart history!

From the trunk of a car to a business with loyal customers across the United States, it’s been quite a ride!

A Time of Reflection

The significance of a 50th anniversary is a time looking back and looking ahead.

We look back at serving you, our customers, and want to thank you for your loyalty. We’ve been through a lot of changes to keep up with trends and the industry, and hope to celebrate 50 more years of continued success!

According to Harvard Business Review, business anniversaries are “an ideal time to ask people to think together about why their work matters and how it should move forward.”

At T.R. McTaggart, we try to practice this often. Reaching the milestone of 50 years has made us think even more about where we were, where we’re going, and how we can serve our customers better going forward.

A Brief History of T.R. McTaggart

In celebrating our 50th anniversary, we would like to highlight some key points in our proud history.

T.R. McTaggart History

It was in the 1960’s …

T.R. McTaggart was founded in 1967 by Helen and Lyle McTaggart and their oldest son, Rod.

Hard work and a dream

Lyle was dedicated to the hard work it takes to start a business, most of all because he had a family to support. This strong work ethic resulted in a sundries business that consisted of souvenirs and items you use when you are vacationing. Some examples included keychains, mugs, can coolies, shot glasses, and sand toys. These are items we still sell to this day! (But with different designs, of course!)

  • Keychains
  • Mugs
  • Can coolies
  • Shot glasses
  • Sand toys
  • And more!

Lyle drove around Michigan selling these types of items from the trunk of his car. Oh, humble beginnings!

After taking customer orders, he would drive home to pack the orders and then deliver them. As the business grew, he started soliciting friends and family to help.

Shirts added in the 70’s

In the 1970’s, Lyle and Helen expanded the business to include transferred T-shirts with funny sayings printed on them. After adding shirts, however, they realized they had outgrown their garage!

In 1979, they moved the operation from Sterling, MI, to a commercial building in Standish, MI, 5 miles away. There they added a 4-head manual screen press and continued to add new products and lines to the sundries.

Ownership changes hands in the 80’s

In 1980, Lyle and Helen decided they were ready to ease into retirement and Rod wanted to pursue other interests. So, they sold the business to their son/brother and his wife, Terry and Robin.

Lyle continued to sell on a route and two part-time sales representatives serviced other routes. In 1986, sales continued growing. It was time to add a full-time sales rep. and so John Rudberg was hired to service sales routes with a focus on clothing.

In 1987, McTaggart Wholesale merged with Forward Corporation, of which Terry was vice president. The merger solidified the strength of the business. Two years later McTaggart Wholesale moved into the new building Forward Corporation had purchased to house their corporate offices, home heat division, and bulk oil division.

All the while, McTaggart Wholesale continued to expand, adding commercial embroidery machines to offer more products to more customers.

Taking it national in the 90’s

In 1990, the business decided to expand from Michigan to become a nationwide business. McTaggart Wholesale began adding independent sales reps across the country, starting with states east of the Mississippi River. With new reps came new orders, helping the business to grow even more.

What’s in a name?

With the tech boom of the 90’s, technology was reflected in the business.

In 1996, McTaggart Wholesale changed its name to T.R. McTaggart to better reflect its success. As T.R. McTaggart moved into the technology age with graphics and the latest equipment, the name fit the company’s core building blocks: Trust and Reliability.

And that’s how T.R. McTaggart got its name!

T’ is for ‘Trustworthy’ and ‘R’ is for ‘Reliable’ 

  • T – Trustworthy
  • R – Reliable
  • McTaggart – Surname

It’s show time!

The company didn’t change in name only that year.

In January 1996, the company opened its first permanent showroom outside of Michigan. The new showroom was opened at the Merchandise Mart in the Kennedy Building in downtown Chicago, IL. This led to a point in T.R. McTaggart’s history that included even more business expansion.

The 2000’s: T.R. McTaggart lightens up!

T.R. McTaggart’s history continued into the new millennia. In 2005, we purchased Kristin and Company Candles.

Kristin and Co. candles are hand-poured 100% soy candles. They are made here at T.R. McTaggart’s facility in Standish, MI, and have been a tremendous addition!

We are always looking to grow our offerings to our customers and serve them in even more ways.

Unique to T.R. McTaggart

In 2011, T.R. McTaggart expanded the resort side of the business. In addition to providing resort gifts and garments, we began creating our own original designs. Now T.R. McTaggart designs and manufactures unique garments for its customers.

The business started off small with four garments. In 2018, we offer over 21 garments exclusive to us!

Today: The Here and Now

That brings us to the present day. We are excited to celebrate over 50 years of successful business!

We have been a family-owned company since we started, from the trunk of a car to where we are today. Perhaps the personalized touch is the key to what has made T.R. McTaggart’s history span 50 years and counting! With great leadership and an excellent staff, T.R. McTaggart will continue to grow and operate with Trust and Reliability for our staff and you, our customers.

Thank you for 50 years of support. You are a part of our history and our story. We couldn’t have done it without you!

We are proud of our history and plan to continue serving you for years to come!

Contact Us

Have a project where you need a trustworthy and reliable partner? We would be more than happy to collaborate with you. Give us a call today or contact us! We look forward to making more T.R. McTaggart history with you!














custom online shop

The Booster Club’s Best Friend: Custom Online Shop

Customized and Convenient

What is the booster club’s best friend? T.R. McTaggart’s custom online shop! Uniforms are great for promoting your mascot, flying your colors, and creating a sense of team unity, but it’s also stressful being the one coordinating the ordering and distribution with so many other responsibilities. That’s why we take up some of the slack to make your life simpler. We have a custom online shop so team members, students, and fans of all ages can order gear and apparel and you don’t have to worry about collecting sizes, style requests, or money.

Working Smarter, Not Harder

As a booster club your number one priority is raising money for the group or team you are supporting. You don’t want to be bogged down with taking orders, collecting money, and delivering goods. This time should be better spent on higher-level issues!

An online store where patrons can easily order the products you offer is the solution. Last year 1.4 billion people bought at least one product online. Why not capture some of that market?

We Work With You

Our staff works closely with teachers, coaches, athletic directors, PTO’s, and other group leaders to develop a strategy for customizing your online store. Your members and fans want to wear your colors with pride, and you want it to be convenient for them to purchase your spirit wear. We have your custom solution for accomplishing this goal: Your custom online shop will make shopping a breeze!

How Does It Work?

Visit the Online Stores page on our website and contact a representative to get your shop set up. You decide the products that you want available on demand and we fulfill your customers’ orders from processing credit cards to shipping.

Team members and fans simply provide their email and create a password … and then they’re in, ready to shop! Or, to make things even easier, your customers can sign in with Google! Then your customers are just clicks away from a purchase.

You don’t have to guess at demand, so you can maximize profits by ensuring you always have enough apparel and don’t get stuck with unsold items. It can be tricky to know what will be the hit item, so a custom online shop is a safe way to approach sales. There is no added cost to set up your custom online shop with us, so it’s a win-win situation.


  • Unlimited team stores
  • Control, transparency, and visibility into all fundraising activities
  • Limit liability by eliminating checks, paper order forms, and “shoebox” fundraising money
  • Streamlined online ordering for supporters
  • Order reporting for schools and coaches
  • Offer a customized selection
  • Promote sales throughout the year
  • Unlimited stores for year-round sales or special company events
  • Employees can order and pay individually or use pre-paid coupon codes
  • Control, transparency, and visibility into pre-paid coupon code ordering
  • Detailed order reporting for management

Who can benefit?

  • Groups
  • Organizations
  • Teams
  • Athletic departments
  • Corporations
  • Small businesses
  • Non-profits

Q: How can you boost sales at your custom online shop?

A: Social media!

A whopping 68.3% of people online use social media. Another benefit of having a custom online shop is that you can market your store on social media – and your potential customers are already online! Instead of getting someone interested in an item, but requiring them to make an effort to make a purchase, you make the buying experience easy for them.

This will most likely increase sales. In fact, one case study found that social media increased sales by 714 percent.

How to increase sales on your custom online shop:

These tips based on advice by Shopify and the Social Media Examiner are sure to boost business!

  1. Post compelling content
  2. Get good social reviews
  3. Create micro content for social feeds
  4. Host a Twitter chat with your audience
  5. Be active on appropriate hashtags
  6. Align your posts with trending or seasonal topics and events-related content
  7. Create an infographic
  8. Create quizzes and interactive content
  9. Pin your best posts at the top of your Twitter profile
  10. Make your Instagram shoppable
  11. Participate in or create a Facebook group
  12. Run an influencer campaign
  13. Monitor conversations about you
  14. Encourage people to “share” your products
  15. Curate and feature user-generated content
  16. Create social-friendly images

Social media tips to increase traffic to your custom online shop:

  1. Post compelling content
    Content is king. Post it frequently. There is an optimal frequency of posting for each social platform; but all of it is frequent – so get typing!
  2. Get good social reviews
    Trust is paramount.
  3. Create micro content for social feeds
    Most people browse in between tasks. Grouping content into bite-sized chunks makes going from content to sales more likely.
  4. Host a Twitter chat with your audience
    Engagement is important. Coaching a basketball team? Host an event where you talk about new strategies in the sport, industry trends, etc. Get people as excited about it as you are!
  5. Be active on appropriate hashtags
    Hashtags make it easier for people to engage in a conversation and for you to reach a larger audience. Note that the number of hashtags to best position your post varies by social media platform. Twitter is best with a single tag; Instagram even ten or more hashtags is effective; and Facebook going without is the most successful tactic.
  6. Align your posts with trending or seasonal topics and events-related content
    Add your voice where it’s most likely to be seen.
  7. Create an infographic
    Infographics are great for search engine optimization (SEO). To keep with the basketball example, make an infographic of different benefits students get from playing the game: Better grades and improved health and fitness.
  8. Create quizzes and interactive content
    What is everyone’s favorite topic? Themselves! Quizzes are fun – and fun to share – if they tell a person about themselves and it’s something they want to share with others. With the basketball example, a quiz could test a person’s knowledge of the sport’s history: Which b-ball star did what and which year? If people get tricky questions correct they’ll want to show off to their friends, encouraging their friends to play!
  9. Pin your best posts at the top of your Twitter profile
    Did you come up with a killer post? Tack it to the top!
  10. Make your Instagram shoppable
    This allows users to click and learn more. Make it easy on your Instagram-loving customers!
  11. Participate in or create a Facebook group
    Don’t post about your products in discussions. But genuinely participate and make valuable contributions. This will establish you as an authority. Perhaps you make a Facebook group for the girls’ varsity basketball team and once in a while link to your custom online shop.
  12. Run an influencer campaign
    Well, this isn’t hard! If you’ve got your players wearing the gear, fans will want to get in on the action!
  13. Monitor conversations about you
    You want to gain insight into your audience.
  14. Encourage people to “share” your products
    The best advertising comes from prospective customers’ friends.
  15. Curate and feature user-generated content
    Praises of your product seem more credible coming from disinterested parties.
  16. Create social-friendly images
    Seeing the product is more attractive than a text description.

Set Up For Success

Try these tips and sales should take off in no time!

How Do You Get Started?

Give us a call at (800) 433-0983! Our friendly and knowledgeable staff at T.R. McTaggart is here to support you!













outfit your team

It’s Back-to-School Time: Outfit Your School, Clubs, and Sports Teams

Welcome Back (to School)!

Getting new uniforms is exciting; it’s beginning of a year with new possibilities.

Since it’s back-to-school time, why not outfit your school, clubs, and sports teams with apparel provided by T.R. McTaggart! We’ll help you outfit your team so everyone’s looking great starting off the year. (And, by the way, they’ll continue to look great because our quality products stand up, wash after wash.) It’s a great way to start off the school year.


It seems like only yesterday when the kids were singing “school’s out for the summer!” Now it’s already “back-to-school time.” Time flies while you juggle your various obligations, and it’s even busier with the added hustle to buy pencils, notebooks, and calculators before the first day back.


We Make Busy a Breeze

It’s busy for parents and even busier for teachers and coaches finalizing lesson plans and extracurricular schedules while trying to find time to buy uniforms. Deciding on and ordering sports apparel and club T-shirts is fun, but it can also be stressful.


At T.R. McTaggart, we make the process of outfitting your team easy and hassle-free. After over 40 years of experience, we’ve fine-tuned a process to best serve our customers.


We’re Here to Help Outfit Your Team

Gearing up for fall, it’s back-to-school shopping season and T.R. McTaggart is an expert at outfiting school clubs, groups, and teams.


We serve:

  • Groups
  • Clubs
  • Teams
  • And more!


We Have In-house Graphic Designers  

Outfit your team in style!


We can walk you through all of your many options. Provide us with your logo and art or our in-house graphic designers can design your logo and uniforms for you! We’re here to provide you the best apparel with the least amount of hassle.


What Does T.R. McTaggart Have In Store?

At T.R. McTaggart, we have everything you need to outfit your team. Brands you trust, fabrics that breathe, and styles they’ll love to wear.

Here are 20 ideas to get you school ready!



Art club – Polyester apparel with dye sublimation

Outfit your team utilizing dye sublimation, which allows you to get detailed in your design. Limiting color to limit cost doesn’t come into play like it does in screen printing. Hold a contest among club members and vote for this year’s uniform. Or, just want to get it done? Have us design it to fit the needs of your club!


Chess club – Polos

Polos are classic, just like the game of chess. Embroider your school logo and your students’ favorite chess piece. God save the queen!


Environmental club – Eco-friendly fabrics

It’s noble to care for the environment by adopting a highway, encouraging recycling in the community, and studying biology to figure out solutions for the future of our planet. Living out your values in clothing is one more way to contribute. Check out our eco-friendly apparel to complement your club’s mission!


Glee club – Jackets

Matching jackets don’t make the man – or the group – but they sure add to their appeal. Have fun with it and go for a 50’s style made modern.


Key Club – T-shirts

Does your club focus on community service? T-shirts are easy to put in the wash after planting trees, walking dogs at the shelter, or picking up highway trash.


Math club – T-shirts

Screenprint your favorite equations. Make sure to “factor in” all your students’ favorites. Or, be “irrational” and do something crazy like include your school’s name, logo, and large text spelling “M-A-T-H-C-L-U-B.” Outfit your team with “exponentially” exciting fabric and style possibilities! Your team might be “divided” on which options to select, but, whatever the consensus, we guarantee you’ll get the best “product”!


National Honors Society – Polos

Choose a solid color and embroidery the National Honors Society logo with the name of your school directly below the logo.


Robotics – T-shirts

Do your students have a favorite robot? We print detailed pictures on fabric at T.R. McTaggart! Or, hold a contest where students draw a robot and give us the design to print! Under the picture of the robot, include the name of the club and your school. Add the year too while you’re at it!


Speech and debate – T-shirts

Outfit your team for success! Look on Pinterest for inspirational quotes or have your students vote on one. Put your high school name on the back.


Theatre club – T-shirts

T-shirts are comfy for long practices after school, especially the week before opening night. Choose a soft cotton/polyester blend.



Basketball – Jerseys

Jerseys are the standard wear to outfit your team. Jersey fabric allows for movement, skin to breathe, and sweat to be wicked away. All the things you need in a design and fabric to do your best on the court!

Football – Jersey and warm up gear

Outfit your team for the field! But don’t forget about practice and warm up gear. Your team is only in their game uniform a dozen times or so. Do you have them outfitted for practice?


Hockey – Jersey

Outfit your team to allow maximum movement in the rink.


Swimming – T-shirts

Be sure to select something besides 100% cotton so it doesn’t cling to wet suits.


Track – Pants

Everyone should have comfortable pants that let them move – and move fast!


Volleyball – Jersey

Breathe easy! Outfit your team in comfortable apparel they can move in.


Music groups:

Band – Polos

Look professional for competitions and you’re sure to get I’s (a little practice also helps). And look dapper on the track or in the stands cheering on the football team.


Orchestra – Polos

Look professional and grab those I’s. Then wear your polos to the State competition. Go for a black polo so students can also wear them to concert performances.


Choir – Polos

Yes, it’s all about looking professional and going for I’s! Take your school colors and choose the more neutral color for the polo and the bolder color or highlight color for the main embroidered text.


More products to consider:

Tote bags

A music-note pattern as the backdrop with your school’s name makes a great way to transport music accessories. A tote with beach balls and waves with your school’s name in the clouds is perfect for the swim team. No excuses for forgetting to bring a soft pencil or a swim cap!



Pens are one of the best investments for businesses. Want to increase your attendance to band concerts? Print concert dates on the pens and distribute them. Every time someone jots a note they’ll be reminded of your upcoming concert!



Great for swimmers and other sports to keep the sun at bay. Wish them success, but don’t let them be blinded by success!


Ease of Ordering

Are you a teacher on the fence about uniforms?

“Does the chess club really need matching T-shirts?” you ask yourself. It’s a nice thought, but with prep work for all of your regular classes, adding another item to your to-do list for the extracurricular clubs you advise seems like a nice sentiment but unpractical – especially if you don’t want to do a half-hazard job.


We Get Busy Professionals!

At T.R. McTaggart, we understand. That’s why we can help you set up a convenient online shop. Students or parents simply log on and order items that are sent directly to them!

Build unity and promote your club to encourage other students at school to join the fun!


Show Off Your Colors

You don’t have to be a peacock to be proud of your colors. Show some school spirit by sporting your colors today!


Contact Us

Reach out to us for help to outfit your team and all of your clubs. Call us at (800) 433-0983, contact us, or stop by today to get ready for school back in session!












gifts and party favors

Weddings, Family Reunions, and Summertime Events: Gifts and Favors to Host Great Events!

’Tis the Season for Gatherings

June 21st marks the official first day of summer and rings in the season of weddings, family reunions, and summertime events. Hosting a great summertime event can be made even better with great gifts and party favors to top off the festivities. With the day’s excitement prolonged, everyone will go home with a smile. But how do you choose gifts and favors to host great events they’ll love and remember?

Party On

Gifts and party favors will enhance these events. Today we’ll discuss how to select gifts and party favors they’ll adore.

Hosting a Great Summertime Event

Summertime is traditionally party time. The sunshine provides the perfect setting for weddings, family reunions, corporate retreats, team building, holiday gatherings for the 4th, and more! As summer approaches, the days are getting longer and people are staying out later, soaking up the daylight well into the evening.

Summertime is primetime for:

  • Weddings
  • Family reunions
  • Corporate retreats
  • Team building
  • Holiday gatherings for the Fourth of July
  • And more!

Gifts and Party Favors For…


Customized gifts and party favors for your wedding are a special, personal way to say “Thank you” to your guests, especially those who traveled a long distance. Creating gifts and party favors is also an opportunity to get creative!

Reflect on the memories you’ve already shared with your spouse to be. Do you love hiking in the woods? Take an Instagram selfie with a waterfall in the background for a coaster image.

Choose from a wide selection of glassware and customize it with the couple’s names, location, date, as well as clip art depicting city location, place where couple met, marriage themes (i.e. hearts or a bride and groom decoration on a cake), or something unique to the couple (i.e. skiing if it’s an activity the couple likes to do together).

Wedding planning is also a time to be practical while having fun with it. Hosting a reception at the beach? Get flip flops in your wedding colors!

Wedding ideas:

  1. Kristin & Company candles with personalized labels
  2. Mugs with photograph of the couple and date and place of the ceremony
  3. Key chains
  4. Pens
  5. Plastic cups
  6. Towels
  7. Flip flops
  8. Napkins
  9. Tote bags with the couple’s names, location of the ceremony, and date
  10. Glassware
  11. Coasters with Instagram picture
  12. Magnets

Gifts and Party Favors For…

Family Reunions

Family reunions are a great time to create momentos you can give to your family members to honor their heritage and feel part of a larger family. T-shirts and mugs with your family surname and date of the event make the day extra special for everyone. You can hold each other closer to home until your next reunion!

Personalized items are perfect for reunions because it gives each family member a piece of history. This can encourage younger members of the family to ask questions and inquire about their ancestry.

It’s also a time to celebrate family!

Did your grandparents emigrate from Ireland? Add a plaid background or a shamrock to surround your last name on a ceramic mug. Did your ancestors pack their bags in Poland? Make the flag the background of a banner featuring the family name. Moved from Mexico? We have almost every color to choose from seen by the human eye. Select bright cheery colors traditionally painted on house walls to give your tote bags a background color reminiscent of home.

You get the idea! 

Family reunion ideas

  1. T-shirts
  2. Polos
  3. Sweatshirts
  4. Hoodies
  5. Fleece jackets
  6. Mugs with the family name and a black and white picture of ancestors
  7. Thermoses
  8. Water bottles
  9. Pens
  10. Napkins
  11. Kristin & Company candles with personalized labels
  12. Banner to mark picnic spot or house location
  13. Tote bags with family surname, location of reunion, and date
  14. Key chains
  15. Fanny packs
  16. Lunch bags
  17. Coasters
  18. Magnets 

Gifts and Party Favors For…

Corporate Retreats

Tell your team you care by giving them a momento at the extended weekend. Supply items that will come in handy during the retreat and at the office.

Meeting in a cabin in the woods? Distribute hand sanitizer, flashlights, and water bottles. It can be lots of fun getting together with co-workers outside of work, but in cramped quarters it’s nice to give your employees the amenities of home. This keeps everyone in a good mood.

Corporate retreats

  1. USB jump drives
  2. T-shirts
  3. Thermoses
  4. Water bottles
  5. Jackets
  6. Hoodies
  7. Stress balls
  8. Pens
  9. Lanyards
  10. Tote bags with company name, event location, and date
  11. Key chains
  12. Briefcases
  13. Magnets
  14. Notepads
  15. Business card holders
  16. Luggage tags
  17. Hand sanitizer
  18. Flashlights

Gifts and Party Favors For…

Team Building

Summertime is the perfect time to plan a picnic and outdoor activities for your employees. It’s a great way to get to know each other better, form stronger bonds, and ultimately work better together when everyone returns to the office.

Which team-building activities do you have planned? Playing Frisbee or golf? Give your employees a customized Frisbee and golf ball to take home.

Team building

  1. Stress balls
  2. Pens
  3. Frisbees
  4. Lanyards
  5. Caps
  6. T-shirts
  7. Tote bags with company name, event location, and date
  8. Key chains
  9. Briefcases
  10. Thermoses
  11. Water bottles
  12. Notepads

Gifts and Party Favors For…

Holiday Gatherings For the Fourth of July

The Fourth of July is a time to celebrate our nation’s Independence, but it’s also an occasion to get together with family.

Gifts and party favors can add liveliness (and convenience!) to the holiday. Keep your beverages cold with a foam drink insulator. Your drinks won’t become warm in transit from home to the fireworks downtown.

Holiday gatherings

  1. T-shirts
  2. Drink insulators
  3. Plastic cups
  4. Tumblers
  5. Thermoses
  6. Water bottles
  7. Flip flops
  8. Towels
  9. Fanny packs
  10. Lunch bags

And More!

Have another idea for a customized gift or party favor? Chances are we can accommodate here at T.R. McTaggart! Give us a call and let us know what you have in mind.

A Selection to Exceed Your Needs

T.R McTaggart provides a host of customized gifts and apparel for all of your summer event needs.

We personalize a wide variety of apparel, including:

  • Polos
  • T-shirts
  • Sweatshirts
  • Hoodies
  • Warm-up jackets
  • Hats
  • Youth clothes
  • And more!

We carry personalized items across multiple categories. This includes:

  • Technology items
  • Desk items
  • Drinkware
  • Food
  • Clocks
  • Badges and lanyards
  • Bags
  • Calendars
  • Golf items
  • Home items
  • Outdoor items
  • Writing utensils
  • Stress balls
  • Tools
  • Travel items
  • And much more!

Additionally, we offer eco-friendly options! This includes products made of recycled and/or organic materials, and even biodegradable items.

Gifts and Party Favors from the Heart

Thinking ahead shows you care about your friends, family, and employees. With minimal effort, you’ll create something that people appreciate more than you probably realize.

Your Goal is Within Reach

Hosting a great summertime event is a manageable task. With a little pre-planning you can have customized gifts and party favors from T.R. McTaggart to celebrate the summer with a personal touch.

Contact Us

Hosting a great summertime event is exciting but can be stressful. But our staff is here to help make it easy! Contact Us today or call us at (800) 433-0983.

T.R. McTaggart’s expertise in helping planners provide unique gifts and party favors will help make your event enjoyable and memorable. At T.R. McTaggart, no job is too big or too small. We look forward to helping make your summertime event special and a day to remember!













Benefits of Outfitting Your Crew with a Branded Work Uniform

Level Up

Take your branding to the next level with a branded work uniform! The benefits of outfitting your crew with a branded work uniform cannot be overstated.

Brand exposure is vital. After all, how can a customer make a purchase from you if they don’t know you exist? A great way to accomplish this is through your company’s direct representatives: your employees!

Reasons branded work uniforms are important:

  • Creates a professional look and atmosphere
  • Instills a sense of team unity
  • Encourages brand loyalty
  • Boosts profits
  • Builds brand recognition

Brand Recognition

Why is brand recognition important? Let us count the ways!

  1. Makes your product a “must have”
  2. Establishes you as the “go to” provider
  3. Makes you a safe, trusted choice among competitors
  4. Differentiates you in the marketplace
  5. Allows you to charge more
  6. Builds loyalty

What’s It Worth to You?

While the exact value of a brand can be elusive, it’s well established that creating and maintaining a strong brand presence is important.

Interbrand decided to make figuring out a brand’s worth more of a science than an art. The brand consulting company released its 2017 Annual Best Global Brands Report. Its methodologies show that top brands are worth millions.

Values are in millions of dollars:

  1. Apple – $184,154
  2. Google – $141,703
  3. Microsoft – $79,999
  4. Coca-Cola – $69,733
  5. Amazon – $64,796
  6. Samsung – $56,249
  7. Toyota – $50,291
  8. Facebook – $48,188
  9. Mercedes-Benz – $47,829
  10. IBM – $46,829
  11. General Electric – $44,208
  12. McDonalds – $41,533
  13. BMW – $41,521
  14. Disney – $40,772
  15. Intel – $39,459
  16. Cisco – $31,930
  17. Oracle – $27,466
  18. Nike – $27,021
  19. Louis Vuitton – $22,919
  20. Honda – $22,696
  21. SAP – $22, 635
  22. Pepsi – $20,491
  23. H & M – $20,488
  24. Zara – $18,573
  25. IKEA – $18,472

See the Interbrand list for all 100.

OK, so it might take a lot more than branded work uniforms for your company to beat out Apple for the #1 spot in 2018. But branded work uniforms are a huge start. And smart.

Take a cue from some of these top companies. Apple is known for its blue shirts with the white apple logo on the Apple sales floor and “Genius Bar” in their stores. Order a hamburger and fries at McDonald’s and the person taking your order and handing you your bag or tray has the double arch embroidered on their branded work uniform.

Coca-Cola, Disney, Nike, Pepsi, and others have taken things a step further and have gotten the general public to, in a way, wear branded work uniforms too! If you find yourself in a crowd you’ll see people wearing vintage-looking T-shirts with soft drink logos prominently written across the chest. Nike swishes assert themselves on T-shirts, shorts, hats, and shoes as not just a label, but as an integration of the logo into the design of the clothing.

Mickey Mouse is the most recognized brand and Disney made #14 on the list of top brand worth. Not too shabby! Every bit helps.

Consistency Counts

Before you order those branded work uniforms, however, first take stock of the other modes of advertising your company uses. Advertising must be used consistently across channels. Make sure it sounds like it’s coming from one voice. This ensures branding avoids customer confusion about who you are and what you sell.

What the Stats Say

Future business growth

In order for a business to grow, 77% of B2B marketing leaders claim branding is critical to success.

Take the long view

Strategize long term and sales will follow.

While selling products and services is the ultimate goal of business, 89% of B2B marketers say gaining brand awareness is the most important goal, with sales the second most important. Indeed, 72% of brand managers agree that building an audience should be prioritized over sales. Once you’ve established yourself as a trustworthy brand, your audience will convert to customers.

Remember me?

On average, 5 to 7 brand impressions are needed for someone to remember your brand.

So when your employees are out and about wearing branded work uniforms, they would only have to be seen wearing the garment 5 to 7 times by a potential customer to make a brand impression! That’s not to say that the same potential customer would spot the exact same employee every time, but collectively you get the picture of what branded work uniforms can do to promote your business!

The Rest Will Follow

If you build your brand, the sales will come! B2B companies with strong brands generate a higher Earnings Before Interest and Taxes (EBIT) Margin than other companies, all things equal. 

Maintaining Your Lead

You might have struck success connecting your brand to your audience. Congratulations!

However, now isn’t the time to put things on autopilot! You have to keep your audience; that means maintaining a strong relationship with it.

In People We Trust

In a world where 42% of consumers say they distrust brands, what’s a business to do? You guessed it! Branded work uniforms. The public views advertisements on apparel and accessories worn by actual people as more trustworthy. After all, the message is being delivered by a real person, not an actor or slick print ad.

Consistency Counts

Brands that present themselves in a consistent way are 3 to 4 times more likely to establish brand visibility. Consistent brand presentation increases revenue, on average, by 23%.

Color increases brand recognition by up to 80%. At T.R. McTaggart, we have a wide selection of colors that allow us to match your brand’s logo colors perfectly to create a consistent experience for customers. The quality of our clothing will also enhance your brand’s reputation (or future reputation!) for quality.

Tips for creating a strong brand:

Here are some traits of “alpha” brands. Try to check as many boxes as possible when strategizing for your brand.

  • Consumers understand it
  • Inspires affinity
  • It’s clear what company is offering
  • It’s clear what the company is about
  • The product is perceived as the best solution to a problem
  • Appeals to rationality
  • Appeals to the emotions
  • Appealing to multiple audiences
  • Unique advertising aimed at different audience segments
  • The company does what it says it will do

Uniform options that are anything but uniform:

No matter what industry your business hails from, we’ve got options to dress your employees appropriate to your sector and consistent with your brand image.

  • Polos
  • Dress shirts
  • T-shirts
  • Knits
  • Wovens
  • Fleece
  • Sweaters
  • Sweatshirts
  • Suits
  • Outerwear
  • Workwear specific
  • Safetywear
  • Sports apparel
  • Caps
  • Bags

Featured Apparel Brands

We offer a wide variety of quality brands to choose from. Contact us to find out how we can accommodate your brand needs.

Contact Us

T.R. McTaggart’s expertise in providing high-quality branded work apparel for nearly any industry can help your business’ bottom line. We provide stylish and durable branded work apparel to help take your branding to the next level. Contact Us today or call us at (800) 433-0983.




























effective product display

How to Display Products So They Fly Off Your Shelves

Effective Product Display

For shop owners, especially business owners of gift and resort shops, creating an effective product display can be the catalyst for an increase in sales. Utilizing these smart product display tips that work will help your items fly off the shelves – or racks –before you have time to restock!

These tips are most relevant to shops selling:

  • Apparel
  • Gifts
  • Souvenirs

Product Display Tips That Work

Want your problem to be that you can’t replace things on the shelf fast enough?

Try out these tips for an effective product display:

  1. Determine your store layout
  2. Through the door, on the right
  3. Devise a floor plan
  4. On a theme
  5. The rule of threes
  6. Feature high markup and luxury items
  7. Put like with like
  8. Arrange items logically
  9. Help customers envision themselves with the products
  10. Be your own model
  11. Appeal to the senses
  12. Use your imagination (or someone else’s)
  13. Change it up!
  14. Be inspired
  15. Connect with other advertising forms
  16. Have fun!
  17. Produce a good product

Determine Your Store Layout

Before you start creating your masterpieces, you need to get in your customers’ shoes and understand the flow of your store. How are they experiencing it? How will they come across your displays? Think about how the display relates to and reacts to traffic flow to ensure you are placing key items where customers are sure to see them.

There are three main types of store layouts. In reality, many stores are a combination of:

  • Straight
  • Angular
  • Loop


This is a typical layout for grocery stores and dollar stores because it most efficiently uses every square inch of space. Add displays at the end of the aisles, called the endcaps.


Also called a “mixed” floor plan, a lot of clothing and jewelry stores use this layout. Angular floor plans use space less efficiently than straight floor plans, but the space is more aesthetically pleasing. While grocery stores are functional and use a straight layout, fashion is more about style and so the space supports this value. Place featured displays in areas that people are funneled to based on your layout.


Shelving is set up to create a loop for customers to walk through. Think of a museum exhibit. Loop floor plans use the space the least efficiently but it feels luxurious walking through the space. No one has to worry about knocking over breakables in a store packed to the brim. Your products are also the most visible to customers.

Through the Door, On the Right

Right where they turn right, that’s where you want your display. While there are exceptions, most people tend to turn right when they walk into a store. Knowing this, you will want to make an effective product display to catch their eyes as they walk away from the entrance into the space. 

Devise a Floor Plan

With merchandising, it’s not just an effective product display that matters. First you need customers to see them! This is why it is important to design your floor plan to create an easy flow throughout the store to draw customers to your displays.

On a Theme

It’s human nature that we want to make sense of our surroundings. Choosing a theme is satisfying because it ties things together. Think of curating effective product displays like a fashion show of product vignettes rather than outfits in a collection (although they might also be outfits!)

The Rule of Threes

Think in threes. It’s a satisfying number and it’s an odd number. Asymmetry ensures your customers’ eyes are always moving, exploring your products, and never getting bored. An effective product display keeps the customer looking at products.

Feature High Markup and Luxury Items

High markup items are smart items to highlight because you’re using your space to advertise something that brings in the most profit. For example, there’s really no reason to market something like table salt, a product that’s cheap with a low profit margin. People buy it anyway and, for those who don’t, it won’t gain you much to bring in new salt-consuming customers!

Luxury items are also strategic because they encourage large purchases and, even if people don’t purchase the item, people will enjoy looking at an attractive item and it’s aspirational. Your visitors will buy other products and perhaps buy the display next time!

Put Like With Like

An effective product display puts like or complimentary items together. For example, you could set up a kitchen display with coffee, tea, cloth napkins, and cups and saucers. A display featuring items that go together can makes purchasing everything they need easy for customers.

Arrange Items Logically

Under or next to your display, arrange items so they’re easy to find. Arrange apparel from lightest to darkest, and smallest to largest. Keep extra stock close at hand so you can quickly replenish stock if a size runs out in your display.

Help Customers Envision Themselves With the Products

Anything that can aid customers in picturing themselves using the product or having it in their homes is helpful. That’s why people love to sample food and try on clothes. It convinces them that they will enjoy eating the salsa or wearing the sweater.

Perhaps a mannequin displays a swimsuit and there are sandals sitting on top of sand and seashells. Customers can picture what the apparel looks like when worn and the real sand links fantasy to reality.

Be Your Own Model (Be a Walking Billboard

Enlist employees to wear the clothes you’re selling. Shoppers are more likely to purchase items – and pay more for them – if someone is modeling the clothing, rather than just looking at a stack of T-shirts on a table – even if they are perfectly board folded. Have your employees become a walking, effective product display!

Appeal To the Senses

You’re a brick and mortar location, which means that you can appeal to senses beyond site. And you’ll have a leg up on the competition if you can appeal to all five.

It’s ideal that people can feel the fabrics, but what else can you do to capitalize on your access to the other senses?

Play calming music so customers aren’t in a rush or rock songs that appeal to the demographic of your shoppers. Timely holiday music also inspires and invigorates shoppers.

There’s a reason realtors bake bread when they show houses to prospective buyers. You don’t need to make your store smell like “home,” but a pleasant scent will encourage customers to stay longer. Burn a Kristin & Company candle to make the space refreshing (Vanilla is a scent that appeals to almost everyone.).

Use Your Imagination (or Someone Else’s)

Planning effective product displays is your chance to get creative. If you don’t feel comfortable creating a display, perhaps you have an employee who has a flare for artfully displaying products. Tap into it!

Change It Up!

You should change displays every month. You don’t want your customers to get bored. And you want to highlight new merchandise. A window display also indicates to passers-by that you have new inventory – and that they should check it out! For someone who hasn’t visited the store, a different display might catch their eye. The more effective product displays, the more chances to pique potential customers’ interests.

Be Inspired

Wherever your travels take you, be mindful of how others are utilizing displays and think, “Could this serve as a creative and thrifty product display in my shop?”

Instead of hitting the highway, take the back roads and stop by small towns. If they have more than a church and a bar, they’ll likely have imaginative store displays you won’t see anywhere else. However, you don’t have to drive 500 miles to be inspired. You can also check out trade magazines or Pinterest to get ideas.

Connect With Other Advertising Forms

If you have a print or digital ad campaign, marry your store displays with it. Customers want a consistent experience across your brand. So, give it to them! Your brand should tell a story. Each display is a chapter in the book!

Have Fun!

Don’t be intimidated, have fun with shapes, colors, textures, and props. If you have fun making a whimsical display, it will show to your customers.

Produce a Good Product

While selling strategy is important, behind the message needs to be a quality product. If you convince customers your shirts are high quality but they go through the wash only to look threadbare, clients are not going to become return clients! T.R. McTaggart provides products that your patrons are sure to love and quality you can trust will bring them back.

Items T.R. McTaggart carries that are front-window-display worthy at your shop:

  • T-shirts
  • Sweatshirts
  • Jackets
  • Hats
  • Umbrellas
  • Bags
  • Mugs
  • Tumblers
  • Assortment of Great Gifts
  • And more!

Contact Us

T.R. McTaggart has expertise in providing retailers nationwide with quality apparel and products that sell. Contact Us or call us today at (800) 433-0983 to talk about how we can help your store meet your customers’ high expectations. Use these product display tips that work and see where your results take you. Happy selling and we look forward to working with you!
















top retail events

Top Retail Events that Can Help Grow Your Business

Top Retail Events to Improve Your Bottom Line and More

Sometimes when you’re trying to expand your business and boost profits, getting outside input can spark new ideas and motivate yourself to improve. You might even step out of your comfort zone and try something new with your business. Conferences and top retail events are a great place to learn new things, keep up with business practices, network – and have a good time while you’re at it! But what are the retail events you should attend?

There are plenty of great conferences that every retailer should attend. We’ve featured some of our favorites.

This year is the best year as any to attend a conference that can help improve your bottom line. After all, why not start increasing your profits today?

Your Shop is More than Goods and a Cash Register

Running a business takes more than providing excellent customer service or the highest-quality products. Though this is helpful! You also need to keep up to date with trends in the retail industry, reach out to your peers, and always strive to learn something new to improve your business.

Make Time for Top Retail Events

It’s an exciting time for retail. Keep abreast of the hard challenges and new opportunities by attending a retail conference. While it might seem frivolous to take time off with looming deadlines and a seemingly endless flow of work, conferences can pay off big time in terms of what you gain.

So, stay current by packing a suitcase and having a willingness to meet new people and try something new!

What Are You Interested In?

There are so many conferences and so many seminar topics to choose from. Are you interested in technology? Design? Marketing? Digital strategy?

Does your business consist of e-commerce? Logistics and delivery? Straight-up retail?

Whatever your interest, you are spoiled for choice!

Be a Chatty Cathy

OK, not exactly. But go to the conference with a smile and bring a genuine interest in meeting people and learning about new developments in the industry. Conferences are the perfect place to network. So, take advantage of this opportunity!

Top Retail Events You Should Attend: Our Picks

  1. HLRCC Business Expo
  2. Wild Birds Unlimited
  3. Las Vegas Souvenir & Resort Gift Show
  4. Tawas Business Expo
  5. Pleasant Business Expo
  6. MI SHRM
  7. Gaylord Business Expo
  8. Special Olympics Conference
  9. IGES
  10. Smoky Mountain
  11. Boyne Business Expo
  12. Arkansas State Park



Name: Roscommon Business Expo

When: Annually in May (this year’s event has passed, but it’s never too soon to prepare for next year!)

Where: CRAF Center

City: Rocsommon, MI

Website: http://business.hlrcc.com/events/details/hlrcc-business-expo-05-16-2018-358

What: A business and recreation expo featuring what Higgins Lake, Roscommon, and surrounding communities have to offer.

Contact Irene Jantz for more information:

(989) 846-9577 or (800) 433-0983

[email protected]



Name: Wild Birds Unlimited Annual Conference

When: June 30 – July 1, 2018

Where: Devos Place

City: Grand Rapids, MI

Website: https://devosplace.org/schedule/wild-birds-unlimited-2019-annual-conference

What: Leadership conference featuring backyard bird feeding products and focused on improving vendor knowledge about available technology that will help improve outreach and overall product sales.

Contact John Rudberg for more information:

(989) 846-9577 or (800) 433-0983

[email protected]



Name: Las Vegas Souvenir & Resort Gift Show

When: September 25-28, 2018

Where: Las Vegas Convention Center

City: Las Vegas, NV

Website: https://www.lvsouvenirshow.com/270/las-vegas-gift-show-home.htm

What: The largest show of its kind. This show offers a selection of products that will help your shop stand out among the competition. Thousands of lines of souvenirs and resort products all under one roof! 

Contact John Rudberg for more information:

(989) 846-9577 or (800) 433-0983

[email protected]



Name: Showcase Iosco Business Expo

When: October 13, 2018 

Where: Tawas Area High School, Tawas City, MI

What: Trade show style event that provides area businesses, non-profits, and civic clubs an opportunity to present what they do and why. Businesses can display and sell products and explain services; non-profit organizations will have the opportunity to present their mission and describe their target population; and civic clubs can explain their goals, challenges, and needs to the community.

Website: http://www.tawas.com/events/showcase-iosco/

Contact Irene Jantz for more information:

(989) 846-9577 or (800) 433-0983

[email protected]



Name: Mt. Pleasant Business and Community Expo

When: October 11, 2018

Where: Comfort Inn & Suites Conference Center, Mt. Pleasant, MI

What: This annual trade show and networking event offers local businesses and the community the chance to see the latest and greatest in the Mt. Pleasant Area market place. The Expo is designed to be a fun community event that provides highly interactive exhibitor booths featuring demonstrations, free samples, games, prizes, items for sale, and other engaging activities!

Website: https://www.mountpleasantwow.com/event-detail/business-and-community-expo/

Contact Irene Jantz for more information:

(989) 846-9577 or (800) 433-0983

[email protected]



Name: MISHRM Conference & Exhibition

When: October 17-19, 2018

Where: Grand Traverse Resort, Traverse City, MI

What: This conference geared toward HR Professionals offers educational sessions designated to provide practical and applicable information to help you be successful. Attendees can expect to be challenged and inspired by what the conference has to offer. This year’s conference provides participants a variety of opportunities that makes it a “must event” for HR Professionals to attend.

Website: http://mishrmconference.org/index.html

Contact Irene Jantz or John Rudberg for more information:

(989) 846-9577 or (800) 433-0983

[email protected]
[email protected]



Name: Gaylord Business Expo

When: October

Where: Gaylord, MI,

Website: https://www.gaylordchamber.com/search-results?m=31&l=15&t=business%20expo

What: Networking event that features over 70 local businesses. Attendees learn about products and services offered and have the opportunity foster lasting relationships with other businesses within the community.

Contact Irene Jantz for more information:

(989) 846-9577 or (800) 433-0983

[email protected]



Name: Special Olympics Conference

What: T.R. McTaggart is a proud partner with the Special Olympics. Please contact Irene Jantz for upcoming event information and how you can become involved with this great organization.

(989) 846-9577 or (800) 433-0983

[email protected]



Name: IGES


When: November 3-6

Where: Sieverville Convention Center, Sieverville, TN

Pigeon Forge

When: November 4-7, 2018

Where: LeConte Center, Pigeon Forge, TN

What: A can’t-miss souvenir gift show for retailers in the industry looking for top-quality items at wholesale prices. With many opportunities for networking, many past attendees have created long-lasting relationships while finding new suppliers exhibiting at the show.

Website: https://www.iges.us/

Contact John Rudberg for more information:

(989) 846-9577 or (800) 433-0983

[email protected]



Name: Smoky Mountain Gift Show

When: November 4-7, 2018

Where: Gatlinburg Convention Center, Gatlinburg, TN

What: Features an unrivaled networking opportunities and product selection, including wholesale destination souvenir, innovative resort and tourist merchandise, souvenirs, t-shirts, lake, mountain and lodge, ski-themed products, logo products, shell items, jewelry/fashion accessories, toys/games and more.

Website: https://www.smokymtngiftshow.com/373/smoky-mountain-gift-show-home.htm 

Contact Mitch Porvin for more information:

(954) 510-9090

[email protected]



Name: Business Expo and Taste of Boyne

When: November

Where: Boyne Mountain Resort Civic Center, Boyne Falls, MI

What: One of the largest business networking events Northern Michigan has to offer. This event features over 70 exhibitor booths and more than 1,000 people attending. This exciting expo includes great food, networking, music, business exhibits, and more!

Website: http://www.boynechamber.com/events/details/business-expo-and-taste-of-boyne-137 

Contact Theresa Cramer for more information:

(989) 846-9577 or (800) 433-0983

[email protected]



Name: Arkansas Recreation & Parks Association Conference and Trade Show

When: November 7-9, 2018

Where: Benton Event Center, Benton, AR

What: An event that brings together recreation, park, and leisure services professionals for networking opportunities, exhibits, music, food, and fun!

Website: https://arkarpa.org/conference/2018-annual-conference-and-tradeshow/

Contact our office for more information: (800) 433-0983


Top Conference and Expo Events Motivate You to Innovate

The team at T.R. Mctaggart wishes you a safe trip and happy learning for all the events you attend! Enjoy a change of pace while learning invaluable information. Remember to make the most out of your experience, meet new people, make connections that will benefit your business, and have fun!

Let T.R. McTaggart Guide the Way

If you are interested in attending a conference, but want information or advice about which conferences may best benefit your business, contact one of our knowledgeable and friendly sales reps for the 411.

personalized wedding favors

Personalized Wedding Favors that Your Guests will Love

Plan Ahead for Personalization

Planning for a wedding can be hectic and stressful. To help relieve that stress, T.R. McTaggart can help make choosing and purchasing party favors your guests will love one less thing to worry about. Selecting wedding favors guests will cherish comes down to personalization. Second to personalization, those personalized wedding favors that are utilitarian will take the cake!

Why Personalizing Matters

Many guests have travelled a long way to make it to the wedding. Personalization extends the day and evening by giving them something they can take home and remember the event by. Personalized wedding favors are the way to go!

Why These Items are Great

We chose these 20 personalized wedding favors because they met a couple of important criteria. First, personalization is key. Second, it’s also great if the gift is something people can use … If your wedding favor is both, you’ve got a winner!

20 wedding favors guests will cherish:

1. Lip balm

2. Water bottles

3. Sunglasses

4. Portable stadium blankets

5. Flip flops

6. Umbrellas

7. Tote bags

8. Luggage tags

9. Instagram coasters

10. Bottle openers

11. Beverage insulators

12. Shot glasses

13. Mugs

14. Candy-filled mugs

15. Plant in a cup

16. Nuts

17. Mug cake

18. Kristin and Company candles

19. Key chains

20. Regional souvenirs

Why are these personalized wedding favors perfect for your wedding?

Personalized wedding favors tip: We looked for things that are practical and can be used long after the wedding.

1. Lip balm

In their colorful balls they almost look like candy, but inside it’s practical lip balm. Who knew putting on lip balm could be this fun? Also consider types with sunscreen depending on the climate.

2. Water bottles

Keep your guests hydrated! Water bottles are something everyone should use. Whether it’s plastic or vacuum-sealed metal, water bottles come in handy!

3. Sunglasses

Having a destination wedding in Hawaii? Going to Malibu to get hitched? No matter where you are, if it’s summer, shades are an item that will make your guests comfortable and it’s something they can use throughout the season. Find shades to match your wedding colors!

4. Portable stadium blankets

Keeps your guests warm at outdoor events and doubles as a useful souvenir. Add the last name of the couple and the date in an elegant font to personalize.

5. Flip flops

Find your wedding colors! Then have the couple’s names and/or wedding date printed on the side straps. Perhaps the last names of the couple: one on either side. First names work too!

6. Umbrellas

A practical item that almost everyone needs and almost everyone loses somewhere. Just hope you don’t have to use them that day! Get the folding kind so people can conveniently stow them in their suitcases.

7. Tote bags

Emblazon with the couple’s name, place, and wedding date. Other bag options include drawstring bags, drawstring backpacks, or grocery tote bags. Fanny packs are also back in style this year!

Personalized wedding favors tip: We looked for things that would make your guests feel special.

8. Luggage tags

Luggage tags are great for destination weddings. Add a digital image to personalize it. Consider an Instagram photo. When all of your guests get to the same hotel with matching tags, it builds a camaraderie among friends and relatives who don’t know each other. This is especially nice if not everyone on both sides of the family has met.

9. Instagram coasters

You’ve taken hundreds of beautiful shots of sunsets. Don’t just look at them for two seconds never to appreciate them again! Instead, make them into a coaster. If you’re the couple, take some fun but sweet shots of yourselves. Or, if you’re having the wedding in your city, take shots of touristy things so that out-of-town company have something to take home as a souvenir of both the wedding and the city. It will remind them of their fabulous time in your town and link it to the moment in time when you said your vows.

Personalized wedding favors tip: Everyone eats and drinks!

10. Bottle openers

Bottle openers are utilitarian. Unless wine and beer go completely twist off, people will need these. Cheers!

11. Beverage insulators

Great to use at the wedding – and ever after.

12. Shot glasses

Shot glasses are the ultimate souvenir. Your friends who collect them will thank you. Your guests may raise a glass at your reception, but who are you to stop them if they want to continue to celebrate your union? Find your wedding colors and write the couples’ last names and wedding date.

13. Mugs

Everyone uses mugs. While they’re drinking their morning coffee they can remember the special day. Make one with you and your spouse’s names on them. Perhaps you could even feature a picture of you and your future spouse drinking coffee on the side?

14. Candy-filled mugs

Even better!

15. Plant in a cup

Plants represent growth and new life. It’s the perfect metaphor for a wedding. Consider a potted plant, vegetable, or herb. Succulents also make for great desk decorations. Your guests will thank you! <http://www.promoplace.com/trmctaggart/p/TVLDC-GXBNO/bamboo-blossom-kit>

16. Nuts

Take a ceramic cup, fill with mixed nuts, and wrap with cellophane and tie a bow with jute twine. Nuts are always a hit and the mug can be used later for beverages, pencils, or a re-fill of nuts!

Personalized wedding favors tip: Fun and practical win the race for some of the best party favors.

17. Mug cake

Make a cake in ceramic mugs using the microwave. It doubles as a container for cake and then it can be used for your guests’ coffee for years to come! Or, of course, they can always make more cake in the mug too! Make sure the mug you select is microwave safe.

18. Kristin and Company candles

Choose an earthy aroma or a scent correlated with the season you’re celebrating. Customize with a label including the couple, place, and date. Try something exotic like lemongrass sage!

19. Key chains

Label the key chain with the couple’s name and snappy saying. For example, a millennial pink keychain with “Sunny with a chance of rosé” on Martha Stewart’s wedding ideas website is classy and funny at the same time. What can you come up with? Also consider key chains with flashlights or that double as bottle openers. Then they’re personalized and serve two functions! Extra points!

Personalized wedding favors tip: A little thought goes a long way.

20. Regional souvenirs

Everyone wants to bring a souvenir home. Why not make it extra special? Make it specific to the city of the ceremony.

Add Your Own Touch

Seemingly mundane or generic items can be made elegant and special if you add an extra touch. For example, add a fern leaf and ‘thank you’ tag to an item to make it distinct.

How to make your wedding memorable for you and your guests

Personalized wedding favors allow guests to bring the fun home and serve as everyday reminders of cherished memories.

In sum, great wedding party favors:

1. Make it personal

2. Make it utilitarian

3. Get extra points if it’s useful at the wedding and at home!

We’re Here to Help

Need assistance selecting wedding favors that your guests will cherish? We’re here to guide you every step of the way. From design through production, we’ve got your personalized wedding favors covered. We know how important the big day is and our friendly, professional staff is here to make your day that much more special!

Contact Us

T.R. McTaggart has years of expertise in providing high-quality and affordable party favors, including personalized wedding favors. We’ll help make sure your wedding’s party favors are party favors your guests are sure to love! Contact Us today to order your wedding favors.

Plan Ahead with Custom Apparel for Your Summer Events!

Memorialize Special Moments

Events such as bridal parties, family reunions, class reunions, team events, and fundraisers are made more festive when there’s custom apparel, such as a T-shirt to remember the event. Custom apparel for summer events gives friends, family, and coworkers something to remember the summer by. Outfit your summer event to make the season extra special!

Are you hosting or attending any of the following events this summer?

Outfit Summer Events

Outfit your summer event to contribute to the festive spirit!

  • Bridal parties
  • Family reunions
  • Class reunions
  • Sports teams/events
  • Music groups/concerts
  • Corporate team events
  • Non-profit fundraisers
  • Milestone birthday parties
  • High school graduation parties
  • College graduation parties
  • Group trips

Outfit Your Bridal Party!

Having a bridal party? Create apparel to celebrate and commemorate the event! Your friends will likely spend a lot of money buying you gifts for the bridal party, not to mention the wedding. In addition to ‘Thank You’ cards, a thoughtful party favor goes a long way in saying, “Thank you for helping me celebrate!” and showing your appreciation for friends and family alike.

Outfit your summer event apparel idea: T-shirts using screen printing or dye sublimation. Consider individualizing each garment with attendees’ names if it’s a relatively small group.

Outfit Your Family Reunion!

Family-themed T-shirts, sweatshirts, or tote bags are a great way to remember your family reunion – until next time! Family reunions celebrate the history you share, and commemorating your heritage is the perfect way to keep that warm, fuzzy feeling after the reunion weekend comes to a close.

Outfit your summer event apparel idea: Sweatshirts with embroidered family surname and crest (if applicable) and/or screen printed T-shirts. Embroidery suggests permanence – just like your surname surviving all those years! T-shirts are a classic. Consider individualizing each garment with first names.

Outfit your class reunion!

By now, your T-shirts commemorating your high school basketball or track team days have long bit the dust. T-shirts commemorating class reunions are a great way to bring everyone from your class together after it’s been “too many years.” We all take pride in our old stomping ground and the place that shaped who we are today. Take a piece of your school days home with you to remind yourself where you came from.

Outfit your summer event apparel idea: T-shirts and sweatshirts with screen printed school logo.

Outfit Your Sports Team!

Sports are all about teamwork. Learning how to be a part of a group is an integral skill in order to be successful, whether it’s in football, soccer, basketball, or track. Wearing identical T-shirts or jerseys creates a sense of camaraderie to the group. This unity brings the team together to best accomplish the games ahead!

Outfit your summer event apparel idea: Jerseys or T-shirts with screen printed sports team name and logo. Consider individualizing each garment with teammate names.

Outfit Your Music Group!

Going on a marching band trip? Matching apparel can make a group more cohesive. T-shirts also distinguish students so they don’t get lost from the group (or you don’t leave them behind!). T-shirts are also a good souvenir to remember fun trips on the road, at rest stops, and, of course, concert halls.

Outfit your summer event apparel idea: T-shirts, fleece jackets, or hoodies with band and/or school logo. Fleece jackets and hoodies will keep them warm no matter the weather! Consider individualizing each garment with band members’ names.

Outfit Your Corporate Team Event!

If talented individuals don’t get along, it’s hard to be productive. Corporate team events are great ice breakers and a good way to form bonds between colleagues. Commemorative apparel accomplishes multiple aims: It brings the group together and it also makes the employees feel valued by their employer.

Outfit your summer event apparel idea: Fleece jackets with embroidered or laser etched company logo. Embroidery and laser etching say, “We’re invested in you.” Consider individualizing each garment with employees’ names.

Outfit Your Non-Profit Fundraiser!

Volunteers love a “thank you” and so do donors. The thought that you’ve put into your “thank you” by taking the time (though we promise not too much time!) to get commemorative shirts made speaks volumes of your appreciation. Apparel is also a great way to advertise your group to raise awareness and get people to inquire about how they can take action on your group’s behalf too!

Outfit your summer event apparel idea: Dye sublimated or screen printed T-shirts or hoodies. Dye sublimation and screen printing are more cost effective techniques to add color. This means a larger portion of funds go to charity rather than shirt production.

Outfit Your Milestone Birthday Party Guests!

In our youth-centered culture, it’s nice for grandmas, grandpas, and parents to know they are truly valued by family and birthday girl or boy (lady or gentleman, if you will) is a person to be celebrated. Every time a friend or family member wears the commemorative shirt, the person shows their affection without having to say a word.

Outfit your summer event apparel idea: T-shirts or sweatshirts with name and birth date of honoree.

Outfit Your High School Graduation Party!

You only graduate once! Commemorate your graduation party with apparel that celebrates the accomplishment and the party in the graduate’s honor.

Outfit your summer event apparel idea: Screen printed T-shirts with high school logo, year of graduation, and/or mascot.

Outfit Your College Graduation Party!

It’s an accomplishment to be recognized. Make a fun T-shirt, celebrate, and get ready for the next chapter in life!

Outfit your summer event apparel idea: Embroidered sweatshirts. Consider individualizing each garment with their name if it’s a small group. Think back on your college memories and see if you can come up with a clever inside joke that can be represented on a shirt.

Outfit Your Group Trip!

Big groups are hard to keep together. Ask any teacher. It’s even more complicated when there are little ones in attendance. Matching T-shirts – especially in bright colors – can help group leaders locate members and help members identify others in the group if they get behind. This proves especially helpful in big, chaotic crowds!

Outfit your summer event apparel idea: Bright or fluorescent T-shirts. Use the name of the group or, if it’s a family trip, think of a symbol that represents you as a family.

T.R. McTaggart Offers a Wide Variety of Custom Apparel Options

Whatever your summer brings, outfit your summer event to add to the team dynamic. Let’s face it, everything is more fun with a festive T-shirt! And, T.R. McTaggart has you covered (figuratively and literally!) when it comes to apparel.

T.R. McTaggart Offers Full Design & Apparel Services

Whether you have your team logo down to the Pantone colors or you love the sentiment of having shirts, but have no idea where to started, T.R. McTaggart can help outfit your summer event. Send us your computer file or work with our friendly, professional designers to get the artwork perfect for the occasion!

At T.R. McTaggart, we offer a variety of apparel decorating techniques to achieve the look you seek, including:

  • Embroidery
  • Screen printing
  • Dye sublimation
  • Laser etching

Overwhelmed By a Large Group?

Whether your group could fill up a closet or a stadium, we offer a custom Online Shop for group members to easily purchase merchandise for events. That way, if you have a little league team of 8-year-olds, you don’t have to worry about taking orders and handling money. No matter what the situation, this convenience is something we offer at no charge – and it’s easy to set up! This way you can outfit your summer event without the hassle of collecting T-shirt sizes and money.

Custom Apparel Solutions for Everyone

Whether you’re hosting an event with three people or 3,000, T.R. McTaggart is here to help outfit everyone in your group.

Contact Us

Ready to plan your summer event and jazz up the festivities with commemorative apparel? We’re here to help outfit all of your summer events!

Give us a call at (800) 433-0983 or Contact Us and we will work with you to help make your summer event special.
















Spring Cleaning Includes Your Closet

Spring Into Action

Spring is just around the corner and, with it, comes spring cleaning. While this can seem boring and time consuming, it can also be cleansing and freeing. While many people pick rooms to focus on until the whole house is clean, one space in our homes that we often overlook (or stuff things in to “hide our shame” when cleaning) is our closets. That’s why at T.R. McTaggart we’ve put together some tips that will show you how to spring clean your closet as well as how to tackle the rest of the house.

The first thing you need are boxes. Next, take a marker and label them ‘Keep,’ ‘Maybe,’ ‘Donate,’ ‘Sell,’ ‘Swap,’ ‘Upcycle,’ ‘Repair,’ and ‘Toss’:


If you feel fabulous in it, it stays! You have a treasure on your hands.


Try to be decisive, but if you want to sleep on it make a box for that to avoid regret.


If you don’t care about recouping cash, want a tax deduction, don’t want to take the time to sell, or want to do some good in the world, donate to a charity.


Sell at a local re-sale shop or online. Online marketplaces include eBay, Bib + Tuck, Poshmark, LetGo, and Threadflip.


Like they say, one man’s trash is another’s treasure! Host a party and invite friends to bring a garment they’d like to swap. Have dinner and wine and make a night of it. One option is to take off the labels so that it’s not about designer labels; it’s about trying on a new outfit for awhile.


If you have old T-shirts or just too many T-shirts, consider cutting them up and using them as rags. This will help you with the next stages of spring cleaning! Another option is to cut out the designs and make a quilt if the items are sentimental.


However, if it’s the case of a broken zipper or a missing button, fix it and then decide based on its repaired state.


If you personally do not want the item and don’t feel it is even donation-worthy because, perhaps, there are tears or stains, toss it.

Time to Purge

Let’s face it. You have a lot of clothes and accessories, many of which you don’t even wear or use. Many people in the U.S. have a lot of clothes, yet we tend to only wear a small portion of them regularly.

That’s why spring is the time to purge!

This can be exciting, overwhelming, and stressful, but it’s oh so necessary! Think of it as a cleanse, but without the juice. Though, heck, if you want to drink a healthy refreshing juice while you work, by all means go for it!

Once you have your boxes set up in a row, take everything out of your closet and drawers. Though it will likely be a mess, with everything out in the open you will see just how many clothing items you actually have. Many people are afraid that if they get rid of clothes they’ll end up with nothing to wear. But, if you’re like most people, this will be far from the case!

Now is the time to ask yourself, “Will I honestly ever wear this again?”

Don’t think of this as losing a bunch of clothes. Think of it as freeing up space to bring new clothes into your life that more accurately reflect who you are today and how you want to present yourself.

Also remember that they’re just clothes. Donating them can also help with this mindset since you know your items will be going to someone who needs it and can make good use out of it.

How to Decide What to Keep and What to Toss

It can be challenging to decide which box to put your clothing in. We live in our clothes and often become attached to particular apparel items. Some clothing brings up fond memories or reminds us of another time in our lives – or our children’s lives. However, we have a few tips to help you be more decisive when sorting.

While we recommend slim hangers and canvas shoe compartments, organization will only get you so far.

Set aside a full day to dedicate to spring cleaning your closet. Consider asking a roommate or friend who tells you the truth for a second opinion when sorting through your pile.

Questions to Ask Yourself When Spring Cleaning

As you debate what makes the cut, ask yourself some questions. The following questions:

  1. Does this fit?
    While it may have fit like a glove when you purchased it, be honest with how it fits today. For example, if you’ve given birth, your hips change and the jeans that fit in your 20’s likely aren’t going back on no matter how much you exercise.
  2. Have I worn this in the past year or so?
    If you didn’t miss it then, are you likely to miss it in the future?
  3. Is it likely I will wear this again?
    This is a key follow-up to question #2. You might not have worn something in the past year or so, but if you have an expensive dress reserved for black-tie occasions, you’re going to appreciate having a go-to piece rather than trying to come up with an outfit – and the money – to buy something appropriate that fits your style. The last thing you want is a countdown to find something pricey that you think is “so-so.”
  4. Is this still my style?
    Each decade we should re-evaluate our wardrobes. While your pajama pants and worn mini-marathon T-shirt might have served you well in college, is this the image you want to portray to others as you continue to establish your career? Then again, maybe you do feel comfortable wearing it around family for a lazy brunch. In that case, throw it in the ‘keep’ pile!
  5. If it’s damaged, will I realistically ever repair it?
    If they answer is “yes,” then say ‘hello’ to an old friend. If the answer is “no,” it doesn’t make sense for the item to take up precious real estate in your closet.
  6. If I were shopping right now, would I buy this?
    If you wouldn’t, then maybe it’s time to part ways.
  7. Do I feel confident wearing this?
    Fashion is all about making people feel good about themselves. If your clothes aren’t giving you confidence, making you smile, or aren’t a joy to wear, you shouldn’t be wearing them. Give them to someone who answers, “Yes!”

If any of your answers are “no,” it goes.

Store Clothing Safely

Part of spring cleaning is switching out your clothing by moving winter clothing into storage to make room for spring styles. But take great care with your clothing when doing so.

Launder items first and then store them in a protective enclosure, such as a cedar chest or canvas boxes that allow the clothing to breathe. Evening gowns should be hung on padded hangers with cotton canvas or muslin covers.

To store bulky items, hang them, store them in plastic bins, or on high shelves.

Spring Cleaning One Day at a Time

It’s an art to properly spring clean your closet, and so is spring cleaning the rest of your house!

Don’t know where to begin? Since spring cleaning can be overwhelming, our list breaks things down into small manageable tasks so that you can feel accomplished each day as you work toward your goal.

The Ultimate Spring Cleaning List for Your Closet!

It’s amazing how much you will be able to accomplish in a week or so if you do just a few of these items each day. Your closet will thank you!

  1. Sort through clothes
  2. Switch out and store seasonal clothing
  3. Take clothing items that need repair to the tailor
  4. Take shoes that need repair to a cobbler
  5. Take clothing items to the consignment store or photograph items to sell online
  6. Cut up old shirts to make into rags
  7. Wash your heavy sweaters and store them
  8. Plan a clothing swap party!
  9. Take a broom to the corners of your closets
  10. Wipe down all of your shelves and racks
  11. Wax the hang-bars (simple wax paper works wonders)
  12. Clean the floors of your closets (vacuum or mop)
  13. Drop off items you plan to donate
  14. Take a trip to the dump

Places to donate clothing:

Bring your used clothing here and help someone in need! We love a win-win solution!

  • Vincent De Paul
  • Goodwill
  • Women’s shelters, such as Shelterhouse Resale Shop
  • The Salvation Army
  • Homeless shelters
  • Any other charitable re-sale shops
  • Dress for Success
  • The Cinderella Project

There’s No Time Like the Present

This truism couldn’t be more accurate than when it comes to spring cleaning. At T.R. McTaggart, we wish you the best of luck in your spring cleaning this year! May your life be full of beautiful, well-kept, age-appropriate apparel – now and every year! Now that you know how to spring clean your closet, let the spring cleaning start now!













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