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The Booster Club’s Best Friend: Custom Online Shop

Customized and Convenient

What is the booster club’s best friend? T.R. McTaggart’s custom online shop! Uniforms are great for promoting your mascot, flying your colors, and creating a sense of team unity, but it’s also stressful being the one coordinating the ordering and distribution with so many other responsibilities. That’s why we take up some of the slack to make your life simpler. We have a custom online shop so team members, students, and fans of all ages can order gear and apparel and you don’t have to worry about collecting sizes, style requests, or money.

Working Smarter, Not Harder

As a booster club your number one priority is raising money for the group or team you are supporting. You don’t want to be bogged down with taking orders, collecting money, and delivering goods. This time should be better spent on higher-level issues!

An online store where patrons can easily order the products you offer is the solution. Last year 1.4 billion people bought at least one product online. Why not capture some of that market?

We Work With You

Our staff works closely with teachers, coaches, athletic directors, PTO’s, and other group leaders to develop a strategy for customizing your online store. Your members and fans want to wear your colors with pride, and you want it to be convenient for them to purchase your spirit wear. We have your custom solution for accomplishing this goal: Your custom online shop will make shopping a breeze!

How Does It Work?

Visit the Online Stores page on our website and contact a representative to get your shop set up. You decide the products that you want available on demand and we fulfill your customers’ orders from processing credit cards to shipping.

Team members and fans simply provide their email and create a password … and then they’re in, ready to shop! Or, to make things even easier, your customers can sign in with Google! Then your customers are just clicks away from a purchase.

You don’t have to guess at demand, so you can maximize profits by ensuring you always have enough apparel and don’t get stuck with unsold items. It can be tricky to know what will be the hit item, so a custom online shop is a safe way to approach sales. There is no added cost to set up your custom online shop with us, so it’s a win-win situation.


  • Unlimited team stores
  • Control, transparency, and visibility into all fundraising activities
  • Limit liability by eliminating checks, paper order forms, and “shoebox” fundraising money
  • Streamlined online ordering for supporters
  • Order reporting for schools and coaches
  • Offer a customized selection
  • Promote sales throughout the year
  • Unlimited stores for year-round sales or special company events
  • Employees can order and pay individually or use pre-paid coupon codes
  • Control, transparency, and visibility into pre-paid coupon code ordering
  • Detailed order reporting for management

Who can benefit?

  • Groups
  • Organizations
  • Teams
  • Athletic departments
  • Corporations
  • Small businesses
  • Non-profits

Q: How can you boost sales at your custom online shop?

A: Social media!

A whopping 68.3% of people online use social media. Another benefit of having a custom online shop is that you can market your store on social media – and your potential customers are already online! Instead of getting someone interested in an item, but requiring them to make an effort to make a purchase, you make the buying experience easy for them.

This will most likely increase sales. In fact, one case study found that social media increased sales by 714 percent.

How to increase sales on your custom online shop:

These tips based on advice by Shopify and the Social Media Examiner are sure to boost business!

  1. Post compelling content
  2. Get good social reviews
  3. Create micro content for social feeds
  4. Host a Twitter chat with your audience
  5. Be active on appropriate hashtags
  6. Align your posts with trending or seasonal topics and events-related content
  7. Create an infographic
  8. Create quizzes and interactive content
  9. Pin your best posts at the top of your Twitter profile
  10. Make your Instagram shoppable
  11. Participate in or create a Facebook group
  12. Run an influencer campaign
  13. Monitor conversations about you
  14. Encourage people to “share” your products
  15. Curate and feature user-generated content
  16. Create social-friendly images

Social media tips to increase traffic to your custom online shop:

  1. Post compelling content
    Content is king. Post it frequently. There is an optimal frequency of posting for each social platform; but all of it is frequent – so get typing!
  2. Get good social reviews
    Trust is paramount.
  3. Create micro content for social feeds
    Most people browse in between tasks. Grouping content into bite-sized chunks makes going from content to sales more likely.
  4. Host a Twitter chat with your audience
    Engagement is important. Coaching a basketball team? Host an event where you talk about new strategies in the sport, industry trends, etc. Get people as excited about it as you are!
  5. Be active on appropriate hashtags
    Hashtags make it easier for people to engage in a conversation and for you to reach a larger audience. Note that the number of hashtags to best position your post varies by social media platform. Twitter is best with a single tag; Instagram even ten or more hashtags is effective; and Facebook going without is the most successful tactic.
  6. Align your posts with trending or seasonal topics and events-related content
    Add your voice where it’s most likely to be seen.
  7. Create an infographic
    Infographics are great for search engine optimization (SEO). To keep with the basketball example, make an infographic of different benefits students get from playing the game: Better grades and improved health and fitness.
  8. Create quizzes and interactive content
    What is everyone’s favorite topic? Themselves! Quizzes are fun – and fun to share – if they tell a person about themselves and it’s something they want to share with others. With the basketball example, a quiz could test a person’s knowledge of the sport’s history: Which b-ball star did what and which year? If people get tricky questions correct they’ll want to show off to their friends, encouraging their friends to play!
  9. Pin your best posts at the top of your Twitter profile
    Did you come up with a killer post? Tack it to the top!
  10. Make your Instagram shoppable
    This allows users to click and learn more. Make it easy on your Instagram-loving customers!
  11. Participate in or create a Facebook group
    Don’t post about your products in discussions. But genuinely participate and make valuable contributions. This will establish you as an authority. Perhaps you make a Facebook group for the girls’ varsity basketball team and once in a while link to your custom online shop.
  12. Run an influencer campaign
    Well, this isn’t hard! If you’ve got your players wearing the gear, fans will want to get in on the action!
  13. Monitor conversations about you
    You want to gain insight into your audience.
  14. Encourage people to “share” your products
    The best advertising comes from prospective customers’ friends.
  15. Curate and feature user-generated content
    Praises of your product seem more credible coming from disinterested parties.
  16. Create social-friendly images
    Seeing the product is more attractive than a text description.

Set Up For Success

Try these tips and sales should take off in no time!

How Do You Get Started?

Give us a call at (800) 433-0983! Our friendly and knowledgeable staff at T.R. McTaggart is here to support you!










outfit your team

It’s Back-to-School Time: Outfit Your School, Clubs, and Sports Teams

Welcome Back (to School)!

Getting new uniforms is exciting; it’s beginning of a year with new possibilities.

Since it’s back-to-school time, why not outfit your school, clubs, and sports teams with apparel provided by T.R. McTaggart! We’ll help you outfit your team so everyone’s looking great starting off the year. (And, by the way, they’ll continue to look great because our quality products stand up, wash after wash.) It’s a great way to start off the school year.


It seems like only yesterday when the kids were singing “school’s out for the summer!” Now it’s already “back-to-school time.” Time flies while you juggle your various obligations, and it’s even busier with the added hustle to buy pencils, notebooks, and calculators before the first day back.


We Make Busy a Breeze

It’s busy for parents and even busier for teachers and coaches finalizing lesson plans and extracurricular schedules while trying to find time to buy uniforms. Deciding on and ordering sports apparel and club T-shirts is fun, but it can also be stressful.


At T.R. McTaggart, we make the process of outfitting your team easy and hassle-free. After over 40 years of experience, we’ve fine-tuned a process to best serve our customers.


We’re Here to Help Outfit Your Team

Gearing up for fall, it’s back-to-school shopping season and T.R. McTaggart is an expert at outfiting school clubs, groups, and teams.


We serve:

  • Groups
  • Clubs
  • Teams
  • And more!


We Have In-house Graphic Designers  

Outfit your team in style!


We can walk you through all of your many options. Provide us with your logo and art or our in-house graphic designers can design your logo and uniforms for you! We’re here to provide you the best apparel with the least amount of hassle.


What Does T.R. McTaggart Have In Store?

At T.R. McTaggart, we have everything you need to outfit your team. Brands you trust, fabrics that breathe, and styles they’ll love to wear.

Here are 20 ideas to get you school ready!



Art club – Polyester apparel with dye sublimation

Outfit your team utilizing dye sublimation, which allows you to get detailed in your design. Limiting color to limit cost doesn’t come into play like it does in screen printing. Hold a contest among club members and vote for this year’s uniform. Or, just want to get it done? Have us design it to fit the needs of your club!


Chess club – Polos

Polos are classic, just like the game of chess. Embroider your school logo and your students’ favorite chess piece. God save the queen!


Environmental club – Eco-friendly fabrics

It’s noble to care for the environment by adopting a highway, encouraging recycling in the community, and studying biology to figure out solutions for the future of our planet. Living out your values in clothing is one more way to contribute. Check out our eco-friendly apparel to complement your club’s mission!


Glee club – Jackets

Matching jackets don’t make the man – or the group – but they sure add to their appeal. Have fun with it and go for a 50’s style made modern.


Key Club – T-shirts

Does your club focus on community service? T-shirts are easy to put in the wash after planting trees, walking dogs at the shelter, or picking up highway trash.


Math club – T-shirts

Screenprint your favorite equations. Make sure to “factor in” all your students’ favorites. Or, be “irrational” and do something crazy like include your school’s name, logo, and large text spelling “M-A-T-H-C-L-U-B.” Outfit your team with “exponentially” exciting fabric and style possibilities! Your team might be “divided” on which options to select, but, whatever the consensus, we guarantee you’ll get the best “product”!


National Honors Society – Polos

Choose a solid color and embroidery the National Honors Society logo with the name of your school directly below the logo.


Robotics – T-shirts

Do your students have a favorite robot? We print detailed pictures on fabric at T.R. McTaggart! Or, hold a contest where students draw a robot and give us the design to print! Under the picture of the robot, include the name of the club and your school. Add the year too while you’re at it!


Speech and debate – T-shirts

Outfit your team for success! Look on Pinterest for inspirational quotes or have your students vote on one. Put your high school name on the back.


Theatre club – T-shirts

T-shirts are comfy for long practices after school, especially the week before opening night. Choose a soft cotton/polyester blend.



Basketball – Jerseys

Jerseys are the standard wear to outfit your team. Jersey fabric allows for movement, skin to breathe, and sweat to be wicked away. All the things you need in a design and fabric to do your best on the court!

Football – Jersey and warm up gear

Outfit your team for the field! But don’t forget about practice and warm up gear. Your team is only in their game uniform a dozen times or so. Do you have them outfitted for practice?


Hockey – Jersey

Outfit your team to allow maximum movement in the rink.


Swimming – T-shirts

Be sure to select something besides 100% cotton so it doesn’t cling to wet suits.


Track – Pants

Everyone should have comfortable pants that let them move – and move fast!


Volleyball – Jersey

Breathe easy! Outfit your team in comfortable apparel they can move in.


Music groups:

Band – Polos

Look professional for competitions and you’re sure to get I’s (a little practice also helps). And look dapper on the track or in the stands cheering on the football team.


Orchestra – Polos

Look professional and grab those I’s. Then wear your polos to the State competition. Go for a black polo so students can also wear them to concert performances.


Choir – Polos

Yes, it’s all about looking professional and going for I’s! Take your school colors and choose the more neutral color for the polo and the bolder color or highlight color for the main embroidered text.


More products to consider:

Tote bags

A music-note pattern as the backdrop with your school’s name makes a great way to transport music accessories. A tote with beach balls and waves with your school’s name in the clouds is perfect for the swim team. No excuses for forgetting to bring a soft pencil or a swim cap!



Pens are one of the best investments for businesses. Want to increase your attendance to band concerts? Print concert dates on the pens and distribute them. Every time someone jots a note they’ll be reminded of your upcoming concert!



Great for swimmers and other sports to keep the sun at bay. Wish them success, but don’t let them be blinded by success!


Ease of Ordering

Are you a teacher on the fence about uniforms?

“Does the chess club really need matching T-shirts?” you ask yourself. It’s a nice thought, but with prep work for all of your regular classes, adding another item to your to-do list for the extracurricular clubs you advise seems like a nice sentiment but unpractical – especially if you don’t want to do a half-hazard job.


We Get Busy Professionals!

At T.R. McTaggart, we understand. That’s why we can help you set up a convenient online shop. Students or parents simply log on and order items that are sent directly to them!

Build unity and promote your club to encourage other students at school to join the fun!


Show Off Your Colors

You don’t have to be a peacock to be proud of your colors. Show some school spirit by sporting your colors today!


Contact Us

Reach out to us for help to outfit your team and all of your clubs. Call us at (800) 433-0983, contact us, or stop by today to get ready for school back in session!









Baseball Season Must-Haves and How We Can Help

‘Tis the season. Baseball season that is! The snow is melting intwo Spring and soon our parks will be filled with sound of the crack of the bat and the ball smacking leather. To field a winning team, look no further than baseball team apparel from T.R. McTaggart! We have all of the baseball season must-haves to get ready for a winning season.

Must-have baseball team apparel:

  • Hats
  • Jerseys
  • Pants
  • Warm up jackets
  • Socks
  • Promotional items


Baseball team apparel that provides shade while you’re under the sun.

A must-have item for any team! Our hats will keep keep the glare of the sun out of your eyes and proudly display your team’s logo for all to see. Our six-paneled hats are made of polyester, cotton, and spandex to give you the perfect blend of what natural materials and synthetics have to offer. We also have 100% cotton hats to offer maximum breathability.


Baseball team apparel that shows who you are. 

The heart of the uniform! Jerseys identify your team right away and provide a sense of team unity. At T.R. McTaggart we have a myriad of color choices so we can find the exact shades to display your team colors and logo.

At T.R. McTaggart we also consider materials. We offer blends that combine the best that each material has to offer, such as the popular 50/50 blend of cotton/polyester. Our 100% polyester jerseys wick away sweat before it causes you discomfort. The double-hemmed sleeves and bottom ensure your garment doesn’t come apart in the wash.


Baseball team apparel made to move.

While skill is mandatory, having the proper pants will go miles (literally) toward improving your game. Our fabrics have the perfect stretch and breathability to make for ideal playing conditions.

With pants made of 100% polyester double knit, you’ll be comfortable and able to move to make that great catch or hit the game winning home run!

Pants with an elastic waistband and cuffs give you the perfect fit – for you and every player on the team. Knee-length and regular-length pants allow you to pick something perfect for your team’s style.

A double-needle hemmed bottom ensures that getting grass stains out in the wash won’t mean your apparel is fated to ware out anytime soon.

Warm Up Jackets

Baseball team apparel that keeps you warm while you warm up.

Warm up is an important part of a team’s exercise routine to get ready to play ball while minimizing injury risk. Matching jackets are also a classic way to feel camaraderie with your teammates.

Nylon and polyester make our jackets water resistant. Plus, everyone loves pockets.

Additionally, being machine washable makes it convenient to keep your team colors bright and vibrant.


Baseball team apparel to keep you cozy while you compete.

Socks are meant to be fun. Socks with your team’s logo give your players something to wear while they’re not standing (or running) in the diamond but can still feel team pride off the field.

Made of polyester, cotton, acrylic, and elastic, our knee-length socks with stripes to whatever motif your team desires!

Available with a knit-in heel and toe, our socks will keep you comfortable so you can concentrate on the game.

Made to Fit

We offer big and tall sizes because people come in all shapes and sizes! Youth sizes are also available.

Promotional items:

While being dressed properly for the field is your main concern, beyond our baseball season must-haves you can also have fun with gifts and souvenirs sporting your team logo, including:

  • Mugs
  • Keychains
  • Frisbees
  • Towels
  • And more!


A great gift and utilitarian, mugs with your team’s design will make you smile every time you enjoy a cup of Joe.

Or, get a group shot of the team and get mugs for everyone at the end of the season. With most pictures only seen in a digital format, it’s refreshing to share memories in a different way. Make it a tradition by including the year on the mug.


Keychains are a nice keepsake to remember youth sports. They’re also the perfect size and medium for displaying your logo. Their cost also makes them a good choice for gifts to family, friends, and fans!


While ideally you always want to catch a frisbee, a stray throw – if it doesn’t hit anyone – could advertise your team in a favorable light. People will see your logo before they toss it back. Just don’t throw it at people on purpose! Also, Frisbees are great for throwing in the stands as gift items to your adoring fans.


Something you are always going to need, why not add a logo and give it to your team or use as a promotional?

And More!

We also offer tumblers, flags, umbrellas, tote bags, T-shirts, hoodies, and regular jackets.

Who can benefit? Calling all …

  • School teams
  • Softball leagues
  • Intramural teams
  • Church leagues
  • Anyone who supports a team and wants to show off their colors!

At T.R. McTaggart, we treat even the smallest job with the greatest care. Whether you’re an established team or just getting started, we look forward to working with you.

Full-Service Fashion

From conception to final stitch, our experienced in-house graphic artists and technicians can create custom baseball team apparel of all styles or you can submit your own designs. We can do just about anything to meet your team’s needs (well, clothing-wise!).

Whether your vision calls for screen printing, embroidery, dye sublimation, or laser etching, we are here to make your apparel look “just right” down to the finishing touches.

You chase homeruns on the field; we run after “homeruns” in our design and execution quality in the studio.

To achieve the perfect design for our clients, we offer:

  • Screen printing
  • Embroidery
  • Dye sublimation

Screen Printing

Screen printing is probably the most beloved apparel-decorating process. Screen print your sports team’s logo on your jerseys, hats, and t-shirts to show off your team spirit!


Have your team’s logo embroidered on your warm up jackets and hats to make them extra special. This time-honored technique is durable and the direction and pattern of the stitching adds depth to your branding.

Dye Sublimation

An excellent choice when you want a lot of colors and all-over printing for your design. This option is also economical when you want to do a small run of apparel.

Gearing Up for Baseball Season

The start-up of America’s favorite pastime is something we look forward to every year. Make sure you’re ready by putting together the basics, splurging on a few items for fans, and customizing your apparel and items to make it unique to you and your team.

Contact Us

At T.R. McTaggart, we’re ready for baseball season! We provide high-quality baseball team apparel and promotional items at great prices (It’s practically a “steal”!). Is your team ready to get suited up for the season?

When it comes to fashion, don’t strike out! Call us at (800) 433-0983 or Contact Us for all your baseball team apparel and baseball season must-haves. We look forward to working with you and we wish you the best on the field this season!








Effectively Promoting Your Golf Outing

Create a checklist

There’s a lot that goes into promoting your golf outing, so we’ve created a guide to help you achieve your desired outcomes from the event! Think of it as your checklist for success.

Who can benefit from a golf outing?

A golf outing is a great and time-proven nonprofit fundraiser, while a corporate golf outing is a great vehicle for raising money for charity.

On a side note: If you can’t afford to sponsor a golf outing, consider sponsoring a golf outing. You’ll get a smaller banner and your logo will be smaller on printed materials, but it’s a good way to get in the game and raise brand awareness.

Reasons to organize a golf tournament:

  • Client entertainment
  • Fundraising
  • Public relations
  • Competition
  • Networking


The importance of effectively promoting your golf outing to achieve your events’ goals cannot be overstated. A lot of planning goes into it, so you want sponsors to get involved and people to show up!

A golf outing also provides an opportunity to advertise to a demographic with a disposable income. This can be a great way to secure future donations for your charity or gain customers for your business.

Your company or organization’s name will appear on programs, banners, and signs. If there’s an awards ceremony, your name will be mentioned. TV and newspaper journalists covering the event present another opportunity for recognition and brand-building.

Identify your goals

A golf outing is a great way to drum up publicity and raise funds; but how do you get the ball rolling?

First, develop a clear focus and devise a specific plan to execute your vision. Define your purpose and put it in writing. This way questions and intensions can be resolved immediately and the committee is on the same page before the execution of the event starts.

Set a specific goal for how much money you want to raise. Be sure that the goal can realistically be reached or surpassed, but you should also not be afraid to challenge your team to reach a “stretch” goal. Determine and define how the money that is raised will be used. Donors want to know where their money is going and that it will be spent efficiently.

If this is your first time planning a golf outing, consider making it a smaller affair and growing it each year so you can maintain a reputation of putting on a high-quality event. It’s always wise to list all of your successes and failures for each event so that you can learn from them and build on those for each subsequent event.

Devise a timeline

Make sure to allot yourself enough time to plan and promote your golf outing. A timeline helps you stay ahead of the game. An event calendar that lists what needs to be done and who is responsible is a helpful tool to keep you on track.

Reasons to plan ahead:

  • More pledges
  • More golfers
  • More corporate sponsorships
  • More prize donations
  • More publicity in paid and earned media
  • Golf course facilities usually book events 8-12 months in advance
  • Possibly better rates for the golf course (also inquire about group rates or discounts for charity events)
  • And more!

Game plan

Plan your marketing strategy for players and sponsors.

  1. Set up a committee and sub-committees
  2. Schedule committee meeting dates
  3. Identify financial goals
  4. Determine sponsor prices
  5. Determine player price
  6. Organize volunteers to handle spotting, beverage carts, registration, silent auctions, etc.
  7. Devise a way to register applicants (preferably online)
  8. Set up a website, or at the least, an event page on Facebook
  9. Update the golf facility about the number of golfers as it changes

Setting up a committee

The committee’s role is to help you organize and execute the event. Putting together a committee is a wise move because you have more people helping and a variety of skills to tap into. Some committee members might have planning experience and can share what they know from past failures and successes.

Locating committee members

Consider these ideas for finding prospective candidates. Make sure to put together a diverse group.

  1. Business people with contacts outside your organization’s network (leading to more sponsorships)
  2. Your board members
  3. Your supporters
  4. Employees
  5. Suppliers
  6. People suggested by your board members and supporters
  7. Individuals with specific talents needed to organize the event

If you are planning a large or complex event, the committee can be split into sub-committees to plan out the specific details needed to make the event a success.

Also consider consulting golfers for ideas.

Committee assignments include:

  1. Money and finances
  2. Scouting to locate a site to hold the golf tournament
  3. Marketing to players and sponsors
  4. Planning event activities and social functions
  5. Food and beverages
  6. Auction items and other prizes
  7. Logistics (including parking or transportation directions)
  8. Additional aspects of the event, such as selecting a good date for the event

Choose committee members who are passionate about the event and committed. Serving on the planning committee can be a lot of work, so you want people who will be dedicated.

Setting a fundraising goal

The majority of the revenue will likely come from sponsors. Reasons sponsors agree to participate include:

  1. The sponsor believes in your cause.
  2. The sponsor wants to maintain or establish a relationship with you or a committee member(s) or player(s) who are current or potential clients.

Decide how many players you would like to recruit The U.S. average is 120 players, but most golf courses accommodate 144 players.

Charge a reasonable entry fee. The amount should cover the cost of the golf course and a player welcome gift or goody bag. A rule of thumb is to multiply the total cost by 1.25 to set the price.

While this isn’t fundraising per se, it could save you money: Select a weekday for the golf outing because this is when courses and large blocks of time are easier to reserve. You might get even better rates by dropping by and talking to staff or the manager in person.

Make the day about having a good experience so that people tell their friends and come back next year.

Ways to raise money:

  • Sponsors’ cost to advertise on signs and banners
  • Advertising space in the event program
  • Players’ registration fee
  • Mulligans (an extra shot or a redo that can be used at anytime throughout a round)
  • Contests at the event
  • Raffle tickets
  • Live auction
  • Silent auction
  • Door prizes
  • Gift bags for sale
  • Dinner before or after the event

Advertising to sponsors and players

Marketing options include:

  • Flyers
  • Ads in the sports section of the local paper
  • Local media coverage from newspapers and television stations
  • Multiple press releases
  • Spokesperson to respond to media and the general public’s questions
  • Newsletters
  • Email blasts
  • Social media
  • Organization or company website

Your web presence

Your website should include:

  1. The mission statement for the event
  2. Information about your organization
  3. Description of event activities including contests, auctions, and food
  4. Event details including date, time, cost, and location
  5. Information on the golf course
  6. Directions
  7. Online registration that accepts credit cards
  8. The sponsors’ logos
  9. A link to share information with a friend via e-mail or social media

Event signage

Signs and banners will guide your guests, making it a frustration-free experience navigating the set-up; and it will make your sponsors happy to see their names and logos displayed throughout the event space.

Ideas for signage include:

  • Welcome banner
  • Thank you banners
  • Charity facts
  • Sponsor board
  • Directions
  • Clubhouse entrance
  • Golf cart signs
  • Indicating the first tee
  • Reminders for fans to remain quiet during play
  • Contest and hole sponsor signs
  • Contest announcements
  • Post-tournament awards ceremony
  • And more!

Eye on the prize

Consider what promotional items and prizes you’d like to offer or distribute. Make sure to have gift bags for players. Prizes are a great way to add to a festive atmosphere and make people feel connected to the event and the organizations sponsoring it.

Items to consider for a golf outing:

  • Apparel
  • Coasters
  • Golf towels
  • Key chains
  • Logo apparel
  • Mugs
  • Pens
  • Posters
  • Tote bags
  • Umbrellas
  • And more!

Ways to win golf prizes

You’ll gain more golfers with cool prizes. Consider some swag for:

  • Longest drive
  • Closest to the hole
  • Hole- in-one
  • Lowest actual score
  • Best adjusted score
  • Lowest team score

Ask sponsors to donate golf-related items as well.

Establish a new tradition

Follow up with sponsors, participants, and committee members after the event. Personally let them know how much money was raised.

Contact T.R. McTaggart!

T.R. McTaggart provides promotional items and prizes that will be perfect for your golf outing. Our expertise in providing the right items to fit the occasion goes back half a century!

Contact us for all of your promotional item and sports apparel needs. We are happy to brainstorm with you and discuss promotional ideas to make your golf outing a success!

Call us at (800) 433-0983.

Visit us online at:

We look forward to working with you!




4 Reasons Why You May Need Custom Screen Printing

A Versatile Option

There are many reasons for custom screen printing. Screen printing is versatile because it is appropriate for a variety of personal, organizational, and business needs.

There are a variety of choices when applying graphics and branding to your apparel.

Options include:

  • Screen printing
  • Embroidery
  • Sublimation and heat press
  • Digital full-color imprints

Before choosing screen printing, consider the process that would best serve your concept. The design team at T.R. McTaggart can help you with that.

Why Screen Printing?

Screen printing is the most popular method of garment decoration. It’s also very affordable and is a highly economical and efficient method for printing in bulk.

Color and Design

When choosing the color of your shirt, think about it in relation to the colors of your design that will be printed on it. This will affect how stiff the print is, as well as the price.

It’s cheaper to print on light fabrics, such as white or heather grey, because the ink is more visible. If you select a dark fabric, you have to print a white under base so the colors in your design can be seen despite the dark background. This additional layer increases both the price and thickness of the print.

Each color adds to the cost because a new screen is made for each color. So, think about how many colors you actually need. Is there a way to get the same message across (and still make it look cool) with minimal colors? Could you strategically use the fabric’s color as part of the artwork? You want to consider cost versus effect gained.

On the other hand, maybe you have a design that demands a lot of layers to meet your vision. Sometimes this is the case. Just make sure you’ve weighed the alternatives first before you come to that conclusion.

No worries, though, because the design and sales team at T.R. McTaggart are here to assist you every step of the way. We can make your ideas come to life, and at an affordable price!

So what are the four main reasons why you may need screen printing services from T.R. McTaggart?

1. Outfit Your Sports Team

Custom screen printing is a great option for outfitting your sports team. At T.R. McTaggart, we offer screen printing on garments for nearly any sports teams, including:

  • Baseball / Softball teams
  • College intramural
  • Church leagues
  • Youth soccer
  • And more!

2. Boost School Spirit

Screen printing is great for apparel worn at school events and can boost school spirit through pride in school colors and showing off a beloved mascot. Whether you’re outfitting the math club or robotics team or want to give the glee club or the band a unified put-together look, screen printing is a fun way to accomplish that goal.

Order shirts with your school’s logo or mascot and students will be proud to wear it – and maybe even hang onto it as memorabilia. Custom screen printing is a great way to build and preserve memories.

3. Outfit Your Organization or Business

Whether you are a nonprofit or fortune-500 company, screen printing is a great option.

Maybe you want to show pride as a member of the PTA or show unity at a fundraiser. Perhaps you want to add to the festivity of your company’s or organization’s picnic. Or, maybe you have a trade show coming up and want shirts for employees to wear and for promo items to give away.

There aren’t many instances when screen printing wouldn’t be a good option.

4. Merchandise for resort and gift shops

We also screen print on merchandise designed for resort and gift shops. We create custom designs or print your designs.

Apparel and other items available with print include:

  • Flags
  • Umbrellas
  • Tote bags
  • T-shirts
  • Hoodies
  • Jackets
  • Youth garments
  • Large and tall garments
  • And more!

Why trust your custom screen printing to T.R. McTaggart?

T.R. McTaggart is an industry leader in custom screen printing design. We have the knowledgeable and experienced team to get it done right, in a timely manner, and at a reasonable price.

From design to fabric, we use one color to eight colors and four-color processes. No project is too big or too small for our screen printers. We are equipped with manual and automatic presses, a large selection of ink colors, and Douthitt advanced computer-to-screen imaging technology.

At T.R. McTaggart, our dedicated team prides itself on making fashionable apparel and promotional items. We service clients nationwide, including resort retailers, souvenir shops, and a variety of gift markets.

We’ve provided quality screen printing for almost four decades and have completed over 66,000 projects and served more than 5,000 satisfied clients. We guarantee satisfaction with every order.

There is no job too big or too small and we give all jobs equal attention.

We also provide a free online store service that allows employees or teammates to buy your company’s branded apparel 24/7.

Bring in your design or have our designers work with you to make something great!

Our screen printing designs are featured at:

  • Athletic departments
  • Family gatherings
  • Fundraising events
  • Holiday parties
  • Promotional campaigns
  • Resorts and gift shops
  • Special events
  • Team building functions
  • And more!

Reasons to choose T.R. McTaggart:

  • Dependable
  • Durable
  • Economical
  • Experienced
  • Knowledgeable
  • Professional expertise in screen printing
  • High impact
  • One of the largest selections of apparel
  • Versatile
  • Gets it done on time

Contact us today to discuss your needs in greater detail or to request a quote. We welcome clients from all industries!




Why You Need a Custom Online Store for Your Employees

Stop the Hassle

With a busy workplace, the last thing you want to do is add another thing to worry about. However, like rain in the spring and snow in the winter (at least in Michigan), some things never change: Employees still need uniforms. So, instead of passing out a catalog to employees once or twice per year and collecting their style, color, and size as they hand you money or a check – why not have a custom online store that employees can shop from? An online store simplifies the process and frees you from the hassle of organizing the clothing order. An online store provides easy access to employee uniforms where employees can purchase corporate branded merchandise on demand.

Starting a traditional online store, however, takes a lot of work and money. You would need to hire a web designer, find a host for your website, and hire someone to manage packing and shipping of merchandise. You would also need an accountant and you would want to hire a lawyer to write your privacy policy, terms and conditions, and returns and refunds policy.

If only there were an easier way…

What Is a Custom Online Store?

A custom online store is an online platform that allows members to purchase branded items on demand directly from the store that provides them.

At T.R. McTaggart, we can set up a custom online store to provide branded merchandise and handle your distribution needs.


Amazon, Airbnb, Uber … Customers, especially the younger generation that grew up with computers, expect shopping to be at their fingertips and on demand. A custom online store caters to this market. Goodbye paper forms; it’s time to embrace change.

The 21st century has seen an extraordinary amount of innovation in technology – so take advantage of this and use it to improve your company.

Easy to maintain

You never even have to come into contact with the actual product. A custom online store is easy to set up and then we handle the rest, including stocking, taking orders, processing payments, and shipping. This will save you a lot of time. We worry about the details so you can concentrate on what you do.

Many types of businesses can benefit:

  • Sports teams
  • Athletic departments
  • Corporations
  • Small businesses
  • Nonprofit organizations
  • Churches
  • And more!

Benefits for sports teams

A custom online store is useful for sports teams. Instead of keeping track of paper order forms and collecting and counting the money to put in a lock box, you can pick what items you want to offer in your online store.

No more hounding students to remember their order forms!

Players pay individually online and you sit back and focus on strategy for the upcoming game. In fact, coaches spend 78% less time managing orders by using a custom online store.

Friends and family of organizations

A custom online store also makes it easier for parents and friends of the team to get their branded apparel to support the team. If there is a school spirit store at your school, parents’ and friends’ schedules might not align with business hours. It discourages sales if people have to make an extra effort to make purchases.

However, with a custom online store, if fans want to get decked out for the big game, they don’t have to worry about a long wait before they get their gear as orders are physically collected. In fact, they don’t even have to wait in line at the store! This can increase purchases and lift team spirit. It’s a win-win-win.


Better yet, you can also use the custom online store to fundraise for your team or nonprofit organization by selling your branded apparel and allocating some of the money to the cause.

You can also decide if you want your virtual store to close and when. Sometimes deadlines motivate people to act and make their purchases, rather than putting it off to a later date.

Work uniforms

Once per year you get a catalog, take orders, and collect money. You get all your employees outfitted in branded-wear for your business … and then next month you hire another team member.

A custom online store will provide easy access to employee uniforms. This makes it easy for new employees to get up to speed with not just the work culture, but the clothes that go with it. Further, veteran employees can purchase corporate branded merchandise to replace old items at their leisure. Everyone fits in and looks polished.

Increase Your Business Presence

Employees wearing branded clothing and other gear outside the workplace can serve as a form of advertising. If workers wear their uniforms outside of work or carry around branded merchandise it expands your business’ presence. Offering useful items increases the likelihood of your employees wearing branded items in public.

One way to encourage employees to buy more branded items is to consider subsidizing the cost. If a polo shirt in your custom online store costs the same as a regular polo shirt, most employees will probably buy the unbranded one. The exception is if your company is a hip record store, a coffee shop, an iconic brand, or a nonprofit.

There are other exceptions too. However, think realistically. If you deal business to business, it is less likely that employees will buy logo wear. However, if employees can get a good deal, they might be willing to be a walking billboard for your business.

Also consider using branded merchandise as a gift or reward to increase your presence around town.

You can offer a variety of items for purchase in your custom online store:

  • Jerseys
  • T-shirts
  • Hoodies
  • Jackets
  • Hats
  • Visors
  • Scarves
  • And more!

We also offer a variety of applications:

  • Screen printing
  • Embroidery
  • Dye sublimation
  • Laser etching

T.R. McTaggart’s custom online store service is also set up to make things personalized.

We offer:

  • Player names
  • Roster numbers
  • Branded gear

Sell non-clothing items emblazoned with your brand as well

For example, tumblers, umbrellas, and tote bags would be items people would be apt to carry around in public, increasing exposure of your brand. People carry tumblers to work and tote bags prominently display brand names.

In sum:

  • Tumblers
  • Umbrellas
  • Tote bags

The key benefits of having a custom online store:

  • Convenient for employers
  • Convenient for employees or team members
  • Processing orders is easy
  • Easier to keep up with demand
  • Employees or team members can order 24/7
  • Offers control, transparency, and visibility for fundraising
  • Limits financial liabilities by eliminating checks and paper order forms
  • Offers a wide selection of products
  • Promotes sales year round
  • You have the option to close the virtual store at a specific date
  • Employees can pay individually or with coupon codes
  • Detailed order reporting available to management
  • R. McTaggart provides all these services! Some companies charge anywhere from $10 to $700 per month to run a customized store. We do it for free!

In summary, having a custom online store with us is free and most likely to be faster and more convenient.

Contact Us Today

Contact T.R. McTaggart today to work with us to create your custom online store. Call us at (800) 433-0983 or visit the Online Stores page on our website.

We look forward to helping you set up shop!





Boosting confidence through youth sports

9837948_SA positive self image is formed at a young age. And youth sports can be such a great way to boost their confidence and teach them life skills at the same time. Here are a few ways you can help them succeed on and off the field:

  • Shower them with encouragement. This might seem like a given, but we must remember to always cheer our young athletes on. That means helping them push through tough times and celebrating with them when they succeed. This is a great way to teach them that they are capable of doing anything they set their mind to.
  • Don’t add unnecessary pressure. When you set high expectations and convey that to your child, it can have negative consequences. It can tear down their confidence. They need to know that you will be proud of them no matter what.
  • Never forget to have fun. Confidence isn’t found through anger, frustration, and criticism. It’s found through having a passion for something and knowing that you can succeed in it. This is why it’s so important to keep youth sports fun for kids. When they develop a passion, their confidence will soar.

When you put these words into action you may be amazed to see how much your child’s confidence grows. Help them find the key to success without losing the excitement for the game.

We’re proud of youth athletes and their accomplishments. We hope you’ll keep us in mind next time you need sports apparel. We’d love to take care of you and your budding MVPs!