If we’re being honest here, this garment is next level – LITERALLY!

Okay, that was pretty corny but true. This garment, called Next Level 6411, is a great option when adding a long sleeve to your stock. It comes in an array of heather based colors – heather forest green, heather cool blue and heather metal (as pictured). Heather colored garments go great with designs that have a faded/retro look to them, like design Banner Wrap Pine (#27076 pictured above).

If you’re looking to shake up the usual stock order, try design #27110! This has been a popular design and fits well as a full chest placement on the Next Level 6411 garment. On a side note – if you haven’t check out our Poured Up North boutique you will want to do so ASAP. The designs in that boutique are too funny and we know your customers will get a good laugh out of them when gifting to grandma for her birthday!

Besides all the cool designs you can put on this garment, it’s a very breathable option for a long sleeve – not too heavy and moveable fabric to work with.

Your sales representative is ready to get you all set for the upcoming spring season, so give them a call!

Yours in memory making,