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Welcome Back (to School)!

Getting new uniforms is exciting; it’s beginning of a year with new possibilities.

Since it’s back-to-school time, why not outfit your school, clubs, and sports teams with apparel provided by T.R. McTaggart! We’ll help you outfit your team so everyone’s looking great starting off the year. (And, by the way, they’ll continue to look great because our quality products stand up, wash after wash.) It’s a great way to start off the school year.


It seems like only yesterday when the kids were singing “school’s out for the summer!” Now it’s already “back-to-school time.” Time flies while you juggle your various obligations, and it’s even busier with the added hustle to buy pencils, notebooks, and calculators before the first day back.


We Make Busy a Breeze

It’s busy for parents and even busier for teachers and coaches finalizing lesson plans and extracurricular schedules while trying to find time to buy uniforms. Deciding on and ordering sports apparel and club T-shirts is fun, but it can also be stressful.


At T.R. McTaggart, we make the process of outfitting your team easy and hassle-free. After over 40 years of experience, we’ve fine-tuned a process to best serve our customers.


We’re Here to Help Outfit Your Team

Gearing up for fall, it’s back-to-school shopping season and T.R. McTaggart is an expert at outfiting school clubs, groups, and teams.


We serve:

  • Groups
  • Clubs
  • Teams
  • And more!


We Have In-house Graphic Designers  

Outfit your team in style!


We can walk you through all of your many options. Provide us with your logo and art or our in-house graphic designers can design your logo and uniforms for you! We’re here to provide you the best apparel with the least amount of hassle.


What Does T.R. McTaggart Have In Store?

At T.R. McTaggart, we have everything you need to outfit your team. Brands you trust, fabrics that breathe, and styles they’ll love to wear.

Here are 20 ideas to get you school ready!



Art club – Polyester apparel with dye sublimation

Outfit your team utilizing dye sublimation, which allows you to get detailed in your design. Limiting color to limit cost doesn’t come into play like it does in screen printing. Hold a contest among club members and vote for this year’s uniform. Or, just want to get it done? Have us design it to fit the needs of your club!


Chess club – Polos

Polos are classic, just like the game of chess. Embroider your school logo and your students’ favorite chess piece. God save the queen!


Environmental club – Eco-friendly fabrics

It’s noble to care for the environment by adopting a highway, encouraging recycling in the community, and studying biology to figure out solutions for the future of our planet. Living out your values in clothing is one more way to contribute. Check out our eco-friendly apparel to complement your club’s mission!


Glee club – Jackets

Matching jackets don’t make the man – or the group – but they sure add to their appeal. Have fun with it and go for a 50’s style made modern.


Key Club – T-shirts

Does your club focus on community service? T-shirts are easy to put in the wash after planting trees, walking dogs at the shelter, or picking up highway trash.


Math club – T-shirts

Screenprint your favorite equations. Make sure to “factor in” all your students’ favorites. Or, be “irrational” and do something crazy like include your school’s name, logo, and large text spelling “M-A-T-H-C-L-U-B.” Outfit your team with “exponentially” exciting fabric and style possibilities! Your team might be “divided” on which options to select, but, whatever the consensus, we guarantee you’ll get the best “product”!


National Honors Society – Polos

Choose a solid color and embroidery the National Honors Society logo with the name of your school directly below the logo.


Robotics – T-shirts

Do your students have a favorite robot? We print detailed pictures on fabric at T.R. McTaggart! Or, hold a contest where students draw a robot and give us the design to print! Under the picture of the robot, include the name of the club and your school. Add the year too while you’re at it!


Speech and debate – T-shirts

Outfit your team for success! Look on Pinterest for inspirational quotes or have your students vote on one. Put your high school name on the back.


Theatre club – T-shirts

T-shirts are comfy for long practices after school, especially the week before opening night. Choose a soft cotton/polyester blend.



Basketball – Jerseys

Jerseys are the standard wear to outfit your team. Jersey fabric allows for movement, skin to breathe, and sweat to be wicked away. All the things you need in a design and fabric to do your best on the court!

Football – Jersey and warm up gear

Outfit your team for the field! But don’t forget about practice and warm up gear. Your team is only in their game uniform a dozen times or so. Do you have them outfitted for practice?


Hockey – Jersey

Outfit your team to allow maximum movement in the rink.


Swimming – T-shirts

Be sure to select something besides 100% cotton so it doesn’t cling to wet suits.


Track – Pants

Everyone should have comfortable pants that let them move – and move fast!


Volleyball – Jersey

Breathe easy! Outfit your team in comfortable apparel they can move in.


Music groups:

Band – Polos

Look professional for competitions and you’re sure to get I’s (a little practice also helps). And look dapper on the track or in the stands cheering on the football team.


Orchestra – Polos

Look professional and grab those I’s. Then wear your polos to the State competition. Go for a black polo so students can also wear them to concert performances.


Choir – Polos

Yes, it’s all about looking professional and going for I’s! Take your school colors and choose the more neutral color for the polo and the bolder color or highlight color for the main embroidered text.


More products to consider:

Tote bags

A music-note pattern as the backdrop with your school’s name makes a great way to transport music accessories. A tote with beach balls and waves with your school’s name in the clouds is perfect for the swim team. No excuses for forgetting to bring a soft pencil or a swim cap!



Pens are one of the best investments for businesses. Want to increase your attendance to band concerts? Print concert dates on the pens and distribute them. Every time someone jots a note they’ll be reminded of your upcoming concert!



Great for swimmers and other sports to keep the sun at bay. Wish them success, but don’t let them be blinded by success!


Ease of Ordering

Are you a teacher on the fence about uniforms?

“Does the chess club really need matching T-shirts?” you ask yourself. It’s a nice thought, but with prep work for all of your regular classes, adding another item to your to-do list for the extracurricular clubs you advise seems like a nice sentiment but unpractical – especially if you don’t want to do a half-hazard job.


We Get Busy Professionals!

At T.R. McTaggart, we understand. That’s why we can help you set up a convenient online shop. Students or parents simply log on and order items that are sent directly to them!

Build unity and promote your club to encourage other students at school to join the fun!


Show Off Your Colors

You don’t have to be a peacock to be proud of your colors. Show some school spirit by sporting your colors today!


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Reach out to us for help to outfit your team and all of your clubs. Call us at (800) 433-0983, contact us, or stop by today to get ready for school back in session!