Memorialize Special Moments

Events such as bridal parties, family reunions, class reunions, team events, and fundraisers are made more festive when there’s custom apparel, such as a T-shirt to remember the event. Custom apparel for summer events gives friends, family, and coworkers something to remember the summer by. Outfit your summer event to make the season extra special!

Are you hosting or attending any of the following events this summer?

Outfit Summer Events

Outfit your summer event to contribute to the festive spirit!

  • Bridal parties
  • Family reunions
  • Class reunions
  • Sports teams/events
  • Music groups/concerts
  • Corporate team events
  • Non-profit fundraisers
  • Milestone birthday parties
  • High school graduation parties
  • College graduation parties
  • Group trips

Outfit Your Bridal Party!

Having a bridal party? Create apparel to celebrate and commemorate the event! Your friends will likely spend a lot of money buying you gifts for the bridal party, not to mention the wedding. In addition to ‘Thank You’ cards, a thoughtful party favor goes a long way in saying, “Thank you for helping me celebrate!” and showing your appreciation for friends and family alike.

Outfit your summer event apparel idea: T-shirts using screen printing or dye sublimation. Consider individualizing each garment with attendees’ names if it’s a relatively small group.

Outfit Your Family Reunion!

Family-themed T-shirts, sweatshirts, or tote bags are a great way to remember your family reunion – until next time! Family reunions celebrate the history you share, and commemorating your heritage is the perfect way to keep that warm, fuzzy feeling after the reunion weekend comes to a close.

Outfit your summer event apparel idea: Sweatshirts with embroidered family surname and crest (if applicable) and/or screen printed T-shirts. Embroidery suggests permanence – just like your surname surviving all those years! T-shirts are a classic. Consider individualizing each garment with first names.

Outfit your class reunion!

By now, your T-shirts commemorating your high school basketball or track team days have long bit the dust. T-shirts commemorating class reunions are a great way to bring everyone from your class together after it’s been “too many years.” We all take pride in our old stomping ground and the place that shaped who we are today. Take a piece of your school days home with you to remind yourself where you came from.

Outfit your summer event apparel idea: T-shirts and sweatshirts with screen printed school logo.

Outfit Your Sports Team!

Sports are all about teamwork. Learning how to be a part of a group is an integral skill in order to be successful, whether it’s in football, soccer, basketball, or track. Wearing identical T-shirts or jerseys creates a sense of camaraderie to the group. This unity brings the team together to best accomplish the games ahead!

Outfit your summer event apparel idea: Jerseys or T-shirts with screen printed sports team name and logo. Consider individualizing each garment with teammate names.

Outfit Your Music Group!

Going on a marching band trip? Matching apparel can make a group more cohesive. T-shirts also distinguish students so they don’t get lost from the group (or you don’t leave them behind!). T-shirts are also a good souvenir to remember fun trips on the road, at rest stops, and, of course, concert halls.

Outfit your summer event apparel idea: T-shirts, fleece jackets, or hoodies with band and/or school logo. Fleece jackets and hoodies will keep them warm no matter the weather! Consider individualizing each garment with band members’ names.

Outfit Your Corporate Team Event!

If talented individuals don’t get along, it’s hard to be productive. Corporate team events are great ice breakers and a good way to form bonds between colleagues. Commemorative apparel accomplishes multiple aims: It brings the group together and it also makes the employees feel valued by their employer.

Outfit your summer event apparel idea: Fleece jackets with embroidered or laser etched company logo. Embroidery and laser etching say, “We’re invested in you.” Consider individualizing each garment with employees’ names.

Outfit Your Non-Profit Fundraiser!

Volunteers love a “thank you” and so do donors. The thought that you’ve put into your “thank you” by taking the time (though we promise not too much time!) to get commemorative shirts made speaks volumes of your appreciation. Apparel is also a great way to advertise your group to raise awareness and get people to inquire about how they can take action on your group’s behalf too!

Outfit your summer event apparel idea: Dye sublimated or screen printed T-shirts or hoodies. Dye sublimation and screen printing are more cost effective techniques to add color. This means a larger portion of funds go to charity rather than shirt production.

Outfit Your Milestone Birthday Party Guests!

In our youth-centered culture, it’s nice for grandmas, grandpas, and parents to know they are truly valued by family and birthday girl or boy (lady or gentleman, if you will) is a person to be celebrated. Every time a friend or family member wears the commemorative shirt, the person shows their affection without having to say a word.

Outfit your summer event apparel idea: T-shirts or sweatshirts with name and birth date of honoree.

Outfit Your High School Graduation Party!

You only graduate once! Commemorate your graduation party with apparel that celebrates the accomplishment and the party in the graduate’s honor.

Outfit your summer event apparel idea: Screen printed T-shirts with high school logo, year of graduation, and/or mascot.

Outfit Your College Graduation Party!

It’s an accomplishment to be recognized. Make a fun T-shirt, celebrate, and get ready for the next chapter in life!

Outfit your summer event apparel idea: Embroidered sweatshirts. Consider individualizing each garment with their name if it’s a small group. Think back on your college memories and see if you can come up with a clever inside joke that can be represented on a shirt.

Outfit Your Group Trip!

Big groups are hard to keep together. Ask any teacher. It’s even more complicated when there are little ones in attendance. Matching T-shirts – especially in bright colors – can help group leaders locate members and help members identify others in the group if they get behind. This proves especially helpful in big, chaotic crowds!

Outfit your summer event apparel idea: Bright or fluorescent T-shirts. Use the name of the group or, if it’s a family trip, think of a symbol that represents you as a family.

T.R. McTaggart Offers a Wide Variety of Custom Apparel Options

Whatever your summer brings, outfit your summer event to add to the team dynamic. Let’s face it, everything is more fun with a festive T-shirt! And, T.R. McTaggart has you covered (figuratively and literally!) when it comes to apparel.

T.R. McTaggart Offers Full Design & Apparel Services

Whether you have your team logo down to the Pantone colors or you love the sentiment of having shirts, but have no idea where to started, T.R. McTaggart can help outfit your summer event. Send us your computer file or work with our friendly, professional designers to get the artwork perfect for the occasion!

At T.R. McTaggart, we offer a variety of apparel decorating techniques to achieve the look you seek, including:

  • Embroidery
  • Screen printing
  • Dye sublimation
  • Laser etching

Overwhelmed By a Large Group?

Whether your group could fill up a closet or a stadium, we offer a custom Online Shop for group members to easily purchase merchandise for events. That way, if you have a little league team of 8-year-olds, you don’t have to worry about taking orders and handling money. No matter what the situation, this convenience is something we offer at no charge – and it’s easy to set up! This way you can outfit your summer event without the hassle of collecting T-shirt sizes and money.

Custom Apparel Solutions for Everyone

Whether you’re hosting an event with three people or 3,000, T.R. McTaggart is here to help outfit everyone in your group.

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