Virtually everyone has a stash of candles in their house: some for emergencies, others for festive and everyday use. Candles come in a wide variety of scents that suit just about everyone’s taste. Their simplicity and appealing nature also make them a great gift during the holiday season. Consumers have countless candle brands to choose from, so you want to stock candles with incredible scents that will keep customers coming back for more.
Kristin and Company, a division of T.R. McTaggart, produces hand-poured candles using 100% natural soy wax. We use the finest and highest percentage of fragrance oils providing the best scent throw in the industry. Our products will evoke the senses without the soot of traditional paraffin based waxes, so they are sure to quickly move off of your shop’s shelves and create a loyal customer base.

All Natural | Hand Poured | Incredible Scents


Kristin & Company offers quality hand-poured candles at affordable prices. Our products are produced through environmentally-friendly methods, with 100% natural materials. With pure soy wax and cotton wicks, you can count on long-lasting and clean burns in all of our variety of scents, which include:
  • Fruit: Tangy, fruit scents for a touch of flavor
  • Clean & Crisp: Minty scents that leave you feeling refreshed
  • Earthy: Rustic, woodsy scents to bring nature into your home
  • Bake Shop: Pastry-inspired scents for a sweet touch
  • Gourmet: A complex blend of aromas for warm, inviting scents
  • Floral: Light, flowery scents like a spray of flower petals
  • Vino: Rich, complex aromas reminiscent of fine wine
In addition to our wide range of scents, our products are also available in a variety of sizes, with different jar and lid options. With so many options, you’re sure to stock an assortment that meets your customer’s needs.


At Kristin & Company, we offer exclusive personalization options that allow you to customize your candles. You can submit your business’s logo or allow our artists to create a sleek, professional design that represents your business or organization. With personalized candles, you’ll be able to make a profit and promote your business at the same time.
Custom candles must be purchased in bulk quantities of 12 units per case. These candles come with additional set-up fees, but you’ll enjoy the benefits of an expanded marketing strategy. Your branded candles will help your clients remember your business for weeks or even months to come.
If you’re ready to take your marketing to the next level, you can buy branded candles by visiting the Kristin & Company website. Candles are shipped within 1-2 weeks, depending on the quantity ordered. Returns are available for non-branded candles, but we’re confident that you’ll love our products!


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