Not only is this a great offer, but this t-shirt and design pairing is a guaranteed sell in your store!

Let’s first start with the t-shirt – this is a nice option to have on stock in your store for men. It has an overall slub style to it, which is very trendy in the apparel industry right now. The feel and fit are relaxed and comfortable – first two things a guy looks for in a t-shirt. Bonus features include the cross neck stitching and the color options. These features make this t-shirt stand out compared to other basic tees. The slub colors are eye-catching and resemble a heathered style, which is becoming more and MORE popular.

We stepped our game up with this offer because not only do you have a classic t-shirt option, but we paired it with one of our bestselling designs! Let us introduce to you the Rough Jones Arch Collection. There are four different designs in this collection, which is perfect when you are looking to have a little diversity within your store for your customers to choose from.

Comfort, stylish, and trendy… this has best-seller written all over it! Click here to check it out.

This offer is catching some attention, so contact your sales rep ASAP because we have limited supplies available.

Yours in memory making,