dye sublimation


When it comes to custom apparel graphics, most people only envision a single logo printed in the middle of the garment. While a simple logo certainly has its place in the marketing world, you sometimes want to be bold and get a little more creative. You need a custom design that pushes the limitations and takes decorated apparel to the next level with almost no boundaries. You need dye sublimation.

  • All-over printing
  • Full color
  • Photo quality
  • Unlimited design options

Using dye sublimation, T.R. McTaggart can print a full-color, all-over image on apparel and promotional items with custom designs that are only limited by your imagination. Need a design that trails out over the sleeves? Want to turn your photography into a wearable product? Looking for a tote bag or keychain covered with a full-color image? Dye sublimation allows your imagination to run wild.


T. R. McTaggart offers dye sublimation on a host of garments and promotional items, including:
dye sublimation
  • Polyester knits
  • Socks
  • Hats
  • Key chains
  • Tote bags
  • License plates
  • Mugs
  • And more!

Imagine shirts with a floral design that covers the entire body and bleeds into the sleeves, or coffee mugs featuring your original art. Our in-house design team can apply your design or offer design ideas to choose from based on your needs.


Branded products are an important but often overlooked aspect of marketing. Unlike a print ad, which many people see only once and then forget about, a branded product is something that they may take home and use again and again. A newspaper ad can easily be thrown away, but a mug or a key chain given away as a promotional item will give your brand exposure for years to come. Dye sublimation creates branded products that leave a lasting impression.


When you order a product featuring dye sublimation, you want the finest printing quality available. A bad print job could result in colors that run, a blurry or muddied image, or an off-centered picture. T.R. McTaggart employs the highest quality printing techniques to ensure that your image is clear, appealing, and perfectly aligned. Our full-color options will make your image lifelike and vibrant.

Our products are durable and professionally made, making them less susceptible to ordinary wear and tear. All of our garments are made of sturdy materials that won’t tear unnecessarily or disintegrate in the washing machine. With our quality standards, your mug or tote bag could become a permanent fixture in a client’s home.


We welcome clients from all industries. We also guarantee satisfaction with every order. Call us today to see how our years of dedication and expertise ensure that all of your dye sublimation needs will be handled with precision and care.

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