Why Color Trends Matter

Colors have a tremendous effect on influencing consumers’ everyday buying decisions. They communicate messages without using words and are crucial to creating a successful brand. Colors can be helpful in evoking emotion, persuading opinions, and making lasting impressions. In many cases, colors used in a design make the difference between “That looks nice” and “I absolutely must have it!” Successful businesses understand that the colors they use reflect the uniqueness of their brand and helps build lasting relationships with customers. At T.R. McTaggart, we specialize in helping businesses to develop their brand by offering innovative design options for apparel and promotional items, and one of the most important aspects of good design is effective use of color. While some colors are classic and always en vogue, many colors are simply trendy, so knowing which colors to use in a design for any given season is vital to producing products that will sell. With that in mind, here are the reported top 10 color trends of 2017.

Who Sets Color Trends? – The Pantone Color Report

Believe it or not, there is a science behind setting color trends. The Pantone Color Institute researches and uncovers the color trends for any given year and shares those findings for industry consumption. The institute’s director, Leatrice Eiseman, along with her team of professional color specialists, sets out each year to establish a new color report, and shares it with those who may be interested – particularly those in the fashion industry. The Pantone Color Report can be very useful in helping designers come up with the “next best thing” for the year’s fashion line.

How Can Following Color Trends Help Your Business? 

Many business take their artistic, designer, and fashion queues from the Pantone Color Report because in the past it has been very successful in influencing design trends and driving sales. The development of the Pantone Color Report is influenced by various things, including research conducted on former trends, current world affairs, and patterns and consistencies in fashion, art, and designs studied over time. Taking advantage of this research can be beneficial to businesses because it allows them to communicate more effectively to their customers via rhetorical cues that colors can convey – whether that is B2B or B2C. When creating a brand design for your business, it is important to know how to be as effective and efficient as possible in conveying your message. Any business seeking to bring its brand to life should incorporate the top 10 color trends of 2017 into their overall design strategy.

These 10 colors present a theme representing vibrant tones found in the natural world, through hues such as primrose, which inspires thoughts of sunflower fields, or flame, which brings to mind the deep reddish orange of a grapefruit. The top 10 color trends of 2017 offer variations on every color found in the rainbow, and will no doubt inspire innovative and creative designs for the calendar year.

Top 10 Color Trends of 2017

Niagara is a classic, demin blue jean color that represents ease and relaxation. This classic color will be very popular in the fashion industry this year, and speaks to individuals that are in search of dependability and comfort.

Yellow has always been an inviting color that reflects joy and happiness. Primrose is a shade of yellow that reflects both happiness and warmth. Its tented sunflower tone appeals to upbeat and energetic individuals, and also adds a bit of heat to spring.

Lapis Blue
This bold, navy blue is very confident and powerful. It focuses on accentuating inner radiance and strength. This color is especially attractive to women in business and individuals with a lot of energy.

Flame, as you can imagine, is a reddish, grapefruit orange color that’s very fun and flamboyant. This invigorating color draws you in completely and is attractive to almost everyone.

Island Paradise
This color is widely associated with vacations and relaxation. Island Paradise is easy, calm and caters to the dream of a tropical escape. It speaks to individuals who are looking to get away and relax.

Pale Dogwood
This very soft and airy shade of pink is sweet and gentle. It says “you are a delicate and tender being.” It speaks to individuals who are in search of peace and serenity.

Greenery is a yellowish-green that inspires people to get in tune with nature and the outdoors. Its bright and refreshing hue reveals ones need to explore and be active.

Pink Yarrow
This very festive and bold fuchsia pink is great at drawing people’s attention to it. It reflects energy and liveliness. Pink Yarrow is captivating and exciting, and can be counted on to make a statement.

Kale is a leafy green color that represents earthliness and a healthy living. It’s a perfect accent to brighter colors as well. Like Greenery, Kale reflects nature and encourages people to be more active outdoors.

Hazelnut is a transitional, neutral tone color that can be worn all year round. It is warm and blends effortlessly with all the seasons. Many people appreciate this color because it acts as the perfect default color and can be used throughout the year to bring warmth to all environments.

How Can You Make These Colors Work For You?

If you want to find out more about how you can make the top 10 color trends of 2017 help your brand stand out from the pack, call T.R. McTaggart today at (800) 433-0983. We are internationally recognized for our innovative and creative designs, and would love to talk to you about how this year’s color trends can help bring your design visions to life.