Candles! That’s it, that’s all you need to know.

Kidding! But we really do need to tell you about our seasonal candle collection. Your customers LOVE candles and you’ll get three scents per season –four seasons – of seasonally-themed awesomeness. Plus, Christmas is right around the corner and who doesn’t love receiving candles as a present?

Anyways, why not lock in a year’s worth now so you don’t have to worry about it later? If you order by Nov 23 we can have them shipped out to you and on your shelves before the snow flies. Unless you live in the U.P., in which case it’s probably been snowing since late August.

Did we mention that you don’t have to buy and store everything at once? If you go with the seasonal fragrances, we’ll hold on to them for you and just ship them out and charge you as the season gets close. That way you’ll have more time to yell “Hello spring!” out of your “Open Windows” while “Drinking too much wine right after work.”

Ok, that last one isn’t a seasonal scent. At least not for this year.

Anyhoo, email us if you like us to send you more information!

Yours in memory making,