We’re experts in creating designs that sell and putting them on quality garments that customers love. We work with tourist destinations, shop owners and stores all across the country that want to up their retail game, increase sales (and profit!), and give customers something to remember them by. Whether you’re buying for your town’s most popular candy shop, a rustic campground destination or a national park, we know what works best to sell through in your retail setting. Shirts, hoodies, hats, sweatshirts – you name it, we do it.

From woods and water to canyons and caves, we offer quality garments and great designs that SELL!

But what sets us apart from the competition is our hands-on approach. We don’t just send you a link or drop off a catalog and ask what you want – we show you what you need. We take the time to understand your business and customers and give options we know will work. You’re busy running a business, let us help figure out what goes on the racks and shelves.

Some of T.R. McTaggart’s most popular apparel items include:

– T-Shirts

– Hoodies

– Long-sleeve shirts

– Sweatshirts

– Hats

Really, we can design and print on just about anything, but our focus is on making sure it looks great, is high quality, and is something your customers will LOVE.

Designs that Sell

A quality garment will sell. But a quality garment with a sweet design will fly off the shelves. Today, people want to wear something unique with personality. That’s our sweet spot.

T.R. McTaggart has been putting cool designs on cool garments for over 50 years and we have thousands of designs to choose from. But we know that much choice can be overwhelming, so we’ll make it easy on you.

Just tell us a bit about your shop and customers and we’ll show you designs they’ll love. Plus, almost every design we have can be customized with your business name, town, or attraction to add a personal connection. Your customers are visiting as part of a memory-making adventure, and we can provide the apparel and designs to help remember it by.