48255884_SWe’re in the midst of the holiday season, and if you’re a company that prides itself on the culture—you will want to host a party for your employees.

Your company’s culture is one of the biggest points of difference between you and your competitors, and a holiday party is the perfect time to show off. Even employees who may skip out on other company-wide events are likely to attend the holiday party, so it’s one of the best opportunities to get in front of your most valuable asset–your staff.

For example, if you want to emphasize the importance of individual employee efforts, consider ways to recognize employee achievements. One way to do this is to acknowledge employees who showed high performance throughout the year with an award or a corporate branded item. Another way is to hand out thank you cards allowing employees to thank each other for the hard work.

The holidays are also a great time to establish philanthropic efforts, which add to your company culture. Employees generally love a chance to give back, and take pride in a company that loves to give back as well. This is a great time to spread seasonal cheer and happiness, while getting your name out there at the same time.

Holiday parties also encourage networking and relationships. A lot of times there aren’t very many opportunities for employees to talk, especially if they are in different departments. Christmas parties allow your employees to interact with each other and build friendships. This will help your employees have more positive feelings toward your company.

Whether you opt for karaoke, board games or a more traditional holiday celebration, one thing’s for certain, if you want to boost company morale, a holiday part is a must!